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A Misleading headline?

WREG-TV in Memphis, Tennessee’s CBS television affiliate, is running a story labeled “Law Enforcement Crackdown on Terrorists“. Trouble is, other than the headline, it doesn’t look like “Terrorists” were actually arrested.  Methinks they are trying to go for Hype, not substance. Wouldn’t that be a first for a “News” outlet??

How to photograph fireworks

A friend of mine is going on vacation where there will be Fireworks so she asked me how to take photographs of them. In looking into it, I found this really good tip page at Digital Photography School. Very good reading and advice that I’ll try to follow on July 4th.

Upgraded to WordPress V2.5

Upgraded to WordPress V2.5. Other than visual enhancements of the management interface, it seems to be very similar to V2.3.3. Other than one gotcha (fixed), it was pretty straight forward.

I like “CSI: Miami” but…

I like “CSI: Miami” but the writing has just got to get better. Just finished seeing the 1st episode after the writer’s strike and It’s pure fantasy.  I won’t spoil it, but WOW. The culprit, motivation  and the plan was just waaayyyy over the top…

Glen Greenwald nails it again

Don’t know how I missed it when he wrote it but Glenn Greenwald once again wriote a great post about the state of affairs in politics. This time, his post “Some hateful, radical ministers — white evangelicals — are acceptable” approaches the odd dichotomy of Sen. Obama’s minister friend being bad while Sen. McCain’s minister friend is apparently acceptable. Good reading.

Hey! House Democratic leaders may be developing a Backbone!

Glenn Greenwald writes that: Chairman Conyers and 19 Members of the House Judiciary Committee have now issued a comprehensive report concluding that “the Administration has not established a valid and credible case justifying the extraordinary action of Congress enacting blanket retroactive immunity as set forth in the Senate bill.” Good to hear.


Right now, after we delayed it for a few months, our bathroom is being renovated. I took “before” images and will post them all  when it’s done.

What year is it in Florida??

Wow. Florida Orders Schools To Teach Evolution but only after a last-minute change depicting the concept put forward by Charles Darwin as merely a theory. It’s unbelievable to me that in 2008 people are still debating whether or not to teach Evolution in school.

Remember the “Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District” case? When my wife and I decide to have kids, I’ll take them to Church for religion and School for science. This whole attempt by the GOP to force Religion into schools, is one hell of a mistake.

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Odd Flickr Hicup

Bizarre, several of my friends in Flickr have been demoted to mere contacts… Easily fixed, but odd.

Uploaded more images

Edited and uploaded more images for the Banner.  Nice thing about the image rotator script is that it is a combination if PHP and JavaScript. The way it’s setup, all I need do is just load a directory with images.