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House painting

This week, my wife and I took time off to paint our dining room and bedroom. After painting our living room last year, we learned a few things when painting our house:

  1. Pick your paint carefully. We’re using Behr paint from home depot.
  2. Seriously, use primer. I bought our house in the end of 2002 and near as I can tell, the previous owner never did any painting since he purchased it in 1997. As a result, when we painted our living room without any primer, the paint bubbled up and I spent a lot of time fixing it. This time around, we are putting primer on every surface including the ceiling. Since we did that no crazy paint bubbles.
  3. Get canvas tarp for the floor. It absorbs spilled paint and prevents you from tracking it into the rest of the house. For the furniture, buy cheap plastic tarp and cover it all up from top to bottom.
  4. Use the basement sink for cleaning the brushes.

So far, after a day and a half or painting, we’ve painted most of our dining room.

BTW: Normally, I’d take pictures of what I’m doing for Flickr, but as paint and Nikon D80 does not mix, no WIP photos.

Music I’m listening to now:
If I Never See Your Face Again“, by Maroon 5 with Rhianna from the It Won’t Be Soon Before Long album. You can see the video here.

Home improvement

One of the things we were unhappy with our house is the basement windows. They were from the 70’s, drafty and leaked when water hit it. We finally got around to replacing them this weekend. It took all day, but are well worth it. They also repaired our gutters too.

The contractor we hired did very good work and we’re going to hire him in the future.

Next up, painting two rooms. Hopefully, we’ll be done by the end of the week.

We’re also pricing out a conversion from Oil heat to Gas heat.

Music I’m listening to right Now:
Headhunter VI.0” by Front242 from “Front by Front” Album. You can see a video here.

Time off from work

Finally managed to take some time off from work. Don’t get me wrong, aside from the middle of the night wake up calls (like last night at 1:00am…) I actually like my job and the work that I do.  I work on interesting projects, meet interesting people and help to solve a lot of technical problems. I get to play work with a wide variety of technology and literally solve problems in Europe, APAC and various sites in the US. If I don’t have a tool I need, since I’m a programmer, I tend to make any tool I need to handle the problem at hand.

But every now and then, I need a break to work on my house and or just to relax. This week, Janny and I will be painting two rooms, work on our yard,  and generally cleaning up the house. While I don’t particularly like painting, I’m looking forward to it.

I’m hoping that I’ll have time to complete this model too. It’s a Bandai MG RX-78-2 Gundam. You can see what it looks like assembled here at Dalong.net (A very cool Korean site about Gundam Models). I’ll also process and post photos I took to Flickr. I’ve been so busy at work that I’ve not been able to walk around and take much photos.

Music I’m listening to right Now:
Mercy” by Duffy from the “Rockferry” Album. You can see the video here.


Right now, after we delayed it for a few months, our bathroom is being renovated. I took “before” images and will post them all  when it’s done.