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“atheism” sub reddit…

(sigh) The “atheism” sub reddit is, IMO, getting out of hand. I have absolutely no problem with anyone’s personal beliefs (or lack there of), but I’m getting tired of going to Reddit and seeing constant headlines from “atheism” berating people who believe in God or how so and so “owned” someone else.  I get it: “Religion caused 9/11”, Herpes, Dark Ages, “Religious People are Low IQ Morons”, “You can’t believe in Science and Religion”, etc.  I can’t stand intolerance, religious or otherwise,  and, IMO, most of those posts are intolerant. I’m pretty close to ditching Reddit as a result.

Bad week in Celebrity News

It seems famous people DO pass away in threes. Two are, sadly, not a surprise. Ed McMahon and Farrah Fawcett were both known to be ill, but Michael Jackson was a complete shock.  I’m not particularly a fan of Michael Jackson (make no mistake, I’m sorry all three passed away) but he was a talented artist and had a great impact on pop music.

What is up with Magazine SPAM?!?!

Very weird, I’m getting bombarded with over 50 messages a day to “subscribe” to various Magazines? It’s so bad, I’m auto deleting anything with certain magazine names…

Spray painting plastic models

Currently painting a plastic model. I’m only doing selected high lights, but I have to be carefull not to put too much on at one time. Rule of thumb: if you think you’re close to putting on too much paint, just STOP. You can do touch up later.

President Obama makes mistakes!

Stop the Presses! Not only does President Obama makes mistakes, He’s not afraid to admit it! On National TV No Less!! Personally, I’m relieved to hear that he makes mistakes like the rest of us.  We’ve had Eight years of “Why No, I’ve made no mistakes!“. I Bet the so called “Liberal Media” runs with this for at least a week.

Just saw Wanted

My Brother and Sister-in-law got me WANTED on Blu-ray. Really good Action film!

Time Warne has the SciFi channel in HD

Silly bit of news, but it will make watching the last episodes of Battlestar Galactica better.

Being sick the entire weekend sucks…

After suffering a cold since Wednesday, I stayed home in bed Saturday, Sunday and am out today on Monday. Bad enough that I’m sick, I have work piling up back at the office. Hopefully, I’ll be OK tomorrow and return.

Great start to the week

Just perfect. Stocks finish Down 372 and Crude Oil Prices Up More Than $16. An example of why I hate Monday’s. This will be Yet Another bad week. On the Plus side: We did convert from Oil to Gas heat.

Sen. McCain lying yet again

The “Straight Talk Express” is continuing it’s downward spiral with yet another outright lieAgain. I suppose it’s true, Sen. McCain will say Anything to get elected. I wonder what he will lie about next?? Do we really need four more years of this??