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Just installed Wordbook Plugin

Lately I’ve been using Facebook a lot, so I installed the Wordbook WordPress plugin to update Facebook when I update my blog. Hope it works.

WordPress Google Maps integration

I wrote a plugin for MT called MTYahoomaps. After a little research, looks like Avi Alkalay made a Google maps plugin for WordPress. The implementation is very straight forward and well documented. I should have a lot of fun playing with it and checking out the PHP code.

11 Madison Avenue
11 Madison Avenue
NY, NY 10010

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Testing Movable Type 3.31 with My plugins

 After Updating the DB via the command line (NOT a fan of a GUI update!) and following my own instructions on how to install my own plugin, So far so good.

After I'm happy with my Test Server results, I'll document each step I took. Each One Note: rebuild seems to take longer than the 3.2 version, but it might be just my perception as I'm not really timing it. 

Image from my Poor Editing of a "Built for Movable Type 3.2" banner…

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Update: Got my first "HTTP Error 500 – Internal server error"! This is reassuring since I'm running a server with less than the recommended Hardware specs. Everything looks ok, probably took too long for the Web servers liking. You can see the test server here.

MTYahooMaps – Slight Update

Took a look at the Yahoo Maps API Flash Docs and discovered that they updated the API to version 3. Seems to be a little more stable, so I’m adding some functionality to the MTYahooMaps Plugin I wrote. I’ve added a “mapsathyb” keyword that will take “map”, “sat” or “hyb” as Parameters.

Update: Got the bugs out and it seems to work well in the Flash version. Need to clean the code a little and figure out how to add a recenter button.

Another Update: Fixing the AJAX version. Also Switched to Yahoo Geocoder. Above is the Flash version and below, AJAX.

Yet Another Update: Just a comment really; I haven’t looked at the code in a long time. Even though I Commented it, it still took me a little to figure out Why I did somethings in the Perl Code…

You can get the Updated program here.

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LivePreview 1.0 by Arvind Satyanarayan from Movalog


Every now and again I visit Arvind Satyanarayan's blog just to see what latest goodies he has come up with. After using EnhancedEntryEditing and SCode, He now has LivePreview. You can read about it here .

The long and short of it: It allows you to preview the Entry Prior to publishing. This saves a lot of time and effort. Like his other plugins, fairly straight forward to set up.

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Cool, Someone is using my MT Plugin

After seeing plenty of Downloads of my MTYahooMaps Moveable Type plugin, I received my first Email asking for help making it work. (They left out a step. Note to self: make Documentation more readable…)

I write programs for purely selfish reasons: I like writing something and seeing it work as intended, preferably doing something interesting. I do it as a professional and as a hobby. When someone else can use something I’ve done, I get satisfaction that it’s useful to other people.

The MTYahooMaps plugin isn’t a terribly complicated program and I wrote it using MTGoogleMaps by Nick Punter as inspiration. Yahoo Maps isn’t quite as ready for Prime Time as Google Maps is, but it’s a start. I’m hoping that Yahoo Maps will become more functional as time goes by (It’s still Beta, after all)

If I write another plugin, It will be for my satisfaction, but I hope other people find it useful.

MTYahooMaps Initial Release

After much trial and Error, I'm just about ready to release the MTYahooMaps Movable Type Plugin.

It works in a similar way that MTGoogleMap by Nick Punter does (in fact this was originally based on MTGoogleMaps). A container tag called "MTYahooMaps" is created that accepts the following Parameters:

  • address = Postal Address i.e. "499 Park Avenue, NY, NY, 10022", Required
  • lat = Latitude i.e. "40.762979"
  • log = Longitude i.e. "-73.969966"
  • info = Informational Text (No HTML)  i.e. "Corner of 69th and Park Ave."
  • zoom = Numeric Zoom Level i.e. "3" (Defaults to "2")
  • width = Width of Map in your Post. Numeric and in Pixels i.e. "540"
  • height = Height of Map in your Post. Numeric and in Pixels i.e. "300"
  • align = Alignment of your map in your Post. i.e. "left","center", "right" (Defaults to Center)
  • maptype = AJAX or Flash. (Defaults to AJAX)
  • mapsathyb = map, sat, or hyb (Defaults to map)


address="11 Madison avenue,NY, NY, 10010"
info="A Nice Place"
maptype="ajax" mapsathyb="hyb"></MTYahooMaps>

String this out with no Carriage returns. My Advice, try resolving addresses at and get the ZIPCODE. 

If you use  lat and log, address will not be used to resolve the coordinates, but is still required.

Update: Now Handles multiple Markers 

Update: Now uses Yahoo Geocoder, uses MAP, SATELITE, or HYBRID and the FLASH version works better too. It will also convert "|" to "<BR>" when put in the info and address parameters.

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