Cool, Someone is using my MT Plugin

After seeing plenty of Downloads of my MTYahooMaps Moveable Type plugin, I received my first Email asking for help making it work. (They left out a step. Note to self: make Documentation more readable…)

I write programs for purely selfish reasons: I like writing something and seeing it work as intended, preferably doing something interesting. I do it as a professional and as a hobby. When someone else can use something I’ve done, I get satisfaction that it’s useful to other people.

The MTYahooMaps plugin isn’t a terribly complicated program and I wrote it using MTGoogleMaps by Nick Punter as inspiration. Yahoo Maps isn’t quite as ready for Prime Time as Google Maps is, but it’s a start. I’m hoping that Yahoo Maps will become more functional as time goes by (It’s still Beta, after all)

If I write another plugin, It will be for my satisfaction, but I hope other people find it useful.

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