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Google Local: Cool but Scary level of detail

googlelocal.gifSaw this first on Gothamist and followed the link to Google’s Blog.

In the Google Blog, they have a link to a close up of the Statue of Liberty that is stunning to see. Zooming in on the Deck of the Intrepid is pretty Wild too.

Mind you, being able to view New York City this way is incredibly cool, but I wonder what limits, if any should be considered?

Here is a close-up of LaGuardia Airports Control Tower (JFK Too!). I read somewhere that certain sites were made to be Fuzzy on purpose, but Even the White House can be zoomed in on. (With the DOJ suit against Google to get Search Info, do you suppose that link would raise Flags?? )

In this Day and Age, should things like this be that Available?

BTW: No, I’m not a Paranoid person, I’m just wondering aloud.

Google News is Finally out of Beta

googlenews.gifAccording to Google Blog, Google News is coming out of “Beta”. Not sure what the difference is, other than the word Beta removed from the logo, but I think it’s good news (No pun intended).

I use Google News every day. I like it as it offers a fairly International view of world events and neatly displays news on the page. Other news services present simular information, but I like the straight forward layout that Google News offers. Using it and configuring it is easy to do.

What I’m Curious about is: How do they expect to generate Revenue from the Service?

Most of the news content has provisions that you can’t insert Advertisement banners when you redisplay the news. At a guess, I’d bet that Google resells the information they gather when people hit the links on the page. This might be a concern about one’s privacy, especially since the Department of Justice is suing Google for information on what people are searching for (Can you Say “Big Brother” boys and girls?) all in the Name of fighting “Porn”. The fact is that people give up thier privacy everyday, often without realizing it. I’m not advocating the sacrafice of ones privacy, but I think there are Gray Areas. Preseting the News in the fashion that Google does takes resources to set up. To pay for these resources, you sacrifice a little of your privacy.

You could read about privacy Concerns on this page retrieved via

In Any Case, this is another good service that Google has presented.

Konica Minolta Bails from the Camera Market

maxxum7d.jpgI know this is a few Days old, but Oh Wow, Konica Minolta threw in the towel in the Camera Arena! For me, this is shocking.

My experience with Minolta goes back to my Minolta X-700, a fine SLR with advanced features in it’s time. I spent several years using my X-700, a camera Ken Rockwell calls

Minolta’s best mass market manual focus camera, ever.

I’m not familiar with Konica Minolta’s Current Digital line, but I bet there all good quality cameras.

Here are some articles regarding the news:

Photography Blog
Ken Rockwell

Photo of a Maxxum 7D From Konica Minolta’s Site.

Amazing what you find on the Internet

Rion took a photo of a place that has the Latitude and Longitude where one would expect the Address. The address was in Degrees, Minutes, Seconds which is not used by most mapping API’s (Should be!) so, I went to the FCC site and converted it to Decimal notation.


Nikon to Stop Making Most Film Cameras

I read on NYC Photobloggers: “Nikon Plans to Stop Making Most Cameras That Use Film”.

It’s a logical progression for Nikon, but I get a little Nostalgic as the first SLR I used was my Cousin’s Nikon F with a Photomic FTn viewfinder such as the one pictured on the right. It weighed a ton but I took some good photographs with it and was sorry when I had to return it a few years later (it was on loan only).

I’m biased towards Nikon as I like that they tend to feel very Solid and well balanced. Currently I Own a Nikon D70s with a 18-70mm f/3.5-4.5G ED-IF AF-S DX Zoom lens (like the one below after the break). My D70s is honestly the best Camera I’ve ever owned, but their are times I’ve missed using a Film SLR like the Nikon F or my old Minolta X-700. In college, I assisted the Photo Editor of the School Newspaper to develop Black and White film for the Articles. This gave me access to the photo lab for my own use. Every now and again, I get tempted to convert my basement wash room to a darkroom and develop some Black and white film, but the expense of it stops me (that and the fact the my wife would not like the Chemicals…)

Nikon concentrating on Digital Cameras will be remembered as a minor turning point in the history of photography. I wonder when other Film camera makers will start to throw in the Towel? Months ago, Kodak has announced it will no longer make Black and White Paper. When will they announce the End of thier Black And White Film Line? How long before the Film companies stop making Film alltogether?

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Google Earth!

Read about Google Earth on Lifehacker. If you have a Mac or PC and a broadband Connection, Check it out. has Flight tracking from a few airports such as JFK. Not sure this is a good idea or not, since it seems to show near real time tracking of airplanes heading towards JFK. I’m having fun plotting out where I and my family live. Seems to work ok with Web Proxies too.

On you could download all sorts of overlays. There is even a good Google Earth Blog too.

Very cool and definitely worth checking out 

New Years Resolutions


So many people make them. I normally don’t, but there are somethings I do need to work on so here is my list:

  1. Be Neater – To put it mildly, I’m messy. This drives my wife to distraction so for both our sakes, I’ll try to clean up more.
  2. Work on Tardiness – I’m not always late getting things done, but often enough that it’s a nuisance.
  3. Finish more models – One of my hobbies is assembling plastic models like planes or models based on Japanese Animation like Gundams. I have quite a queue of them so I’m trying to finish more of them this year.
  4. Take more photo’s – Now that I have a Nikon D70s, I have even more reasons to get out ans snap more photos.

That’s about it.