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No Rain!

After about 7 day of rain, we finally have a glorious sunny Day. And on a Saturday no less!

Here is Harry enjoying an open window.

Harry Sleeping


What is Harry thinking?

Probably he’s thinking “Why won’t he go away?”

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Harry enjoying the first day of Autumn

Harry chilling on our couch.

Another reason to Love NYC.

cat-walk-00.jpgOnly in New York City do you find some walking his Dog *AND* his Cat! The cat, Maya (Hope I spelled that right!) is a Siamese Ocelot mix. Maya would also have boots but her owner can’t keep them on her.

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Cat on Elizabeth Street

Nothing fancy, but while walking down Elizabeth Street, I came across this cat under a Fruit bin.

Can you See Harry?

IMG_1353.jpgFor a Cat, the Entire World is their playground. We can learn a lot from them.

Can you spot Harry demonstrating the proper use for a Box?

These were taken over the weekend, But I’ve been too busy to post them.

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Good bye, Martin Cat.

I wasn’t going to write about this but after typing it up, I realized that writing it helps.

One of the worst duties of a pet owner is that you sometimes have to put them down. In 1989, I paid for Martin at a Pet Shop around 60th and Lexington Ave. Now, 16 years later, he took ill. Specifically, his Kidneys stop working and he stopped eating and drinking Thursday night.

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Cool Cat


Harry’s Escape attempt!

While doing yard work, I noticed Harry at a window…

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