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Harry Trying to get some sleep

Everyime I leave my house, I cehck where Harry is. Many is the time I opened a closet to get an umbrella or my jacket and he scoots right in. In this case, I found him uder a bed attempting to get some sleep…

Gratuitous Harry Pictures

While we were preparing dinner, Harry decided to jump up and get a better look.


Yet More Pictures Of Harry

Being able to work from home can be OK, but my home office has No A/C!
We avoid the heat, But Harry loves it…

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Harry in our Closet.

I swear, he only goes there when we’re around. I think Harry likes being chased out of there…

Martin Cat


This is our Siamese cat, Martin. At 16 years of age, he’s the oldest cat we’ve had and the 2nd Oldest cat I’ve met. We got him early 1989 and from that time, he’s demonstrated that he’s one of the smartest cat’s I know.

He has marvelous Blue Eyes but I’m not sure how to fix the Red eye for a Cat. Also, since it was a little dark, his Iris was so far open that his eyes were really black…

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More pictures of Harry

One of the nice things about Harry is: He doesn’t mind having his picture being taken.

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The life of Harry….

Yep, It’s definitely a tough life Harry lives…

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Photoshop fun

One of the things I’ve been doing is scanning old pictures that I’ve taken. This one was scanned in and seriously edited in Photoshop. Here is what it looked like originally.

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Harry and a Big paper bag

What is it with Cats and Big Paper bags? Harry isn’t the only cat I know that will jump into a noisy paper bag given the chance. Cats love to jump in and act like no one can see them. Then, when you get too close, they jump out! Cute, but Bizzare…

I took this picture back in October 2004. I forgot all about it since my PC blew up without an up to date backup but just saw it on my Web site where I have a random selection of pictures as the front door. Simple and better than a test page.

Harry twisting his head in his sleep


It always amazes me how cats can and will contort themselves to get comfortable. Here is Harry is showing how it’s Done. He’s comfortable with his head twisted up-side down?

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