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Random Silly Tip

In this day and age, anything you post in Facebook (or anywhere for that matter) can and will be used against you. The Random Silly Tip today is: Think carefully about what you post/comment on.

For some reason, people seem to think that they are “safe” to post just about anything online without consideration of the consequences. This occasionally leads to really bad results.

Lets see what a quick Google search gets:
Facebook post gets student-athlete expelled
Facebook Post Gets Mich. Juror in Hot Water – CBS News
Facebook post gets NFL Eagles’ worker fired
Or my favorite “Fired Over Facebook: 13 Posts That Got People CANNED

This isn’t even touching the issue of posting Personal Info online. Do you really need to post your Birthday, Real Phone Number and Address on Face Book? (HINT: Would you write that info on the wall of a Subway?) Facebook makes a lot of money off your personal info and browsing habits. Even with Privacy options set up on FB, why post such personal info?

See ‘Facebook To Share Users Home Addresses, Phone Numbers With External Sites‘ on Huffington Post. Should we stop using Facebook? I don’t think so, but people really should be careful what they post.

Slight Update demonstrating my point: UCLA Student, Films Racist Rant.
I don’t know her and will hope she’s not as foolish as she comes across, but this is a perfect example why you should think carefully about what you post/comment on

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Random Silly Tip

Multiple free Email accounts are a good thing. Every now and again, I want to log into a forum site that has info I need, but I don’t want to be spammed. Nowadays, with Gmail, Yahoo, etc, it’s easy to have multiple free email accounts and quite useful.

Anytime you want to sign on to a new Forum, just use your disposable email account.  That way, you won’t care if you get SPAM on that account, it’s not the one you give your friends.

On that topic, for a primary email address I recommend GMail. I’ve changed ISP’s several times and rather than give out a new email address to all my friends, I just continue to use my Gmail address. Also: Email has very good Anti Spam defense.

Just be sure you keep DIFFERENT passwords. That’s the number one mistake people make, ONE password for all accounts.

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