Random Silly Tip

Multiple free Email accounts are a good thing. Every now and again, I want to log into a forum site that has info I need, but I don’t want to be spammed. Nowadays, with Gmail, Yahoo, etc, it’s easy to have multiple free email accounts and quite useful.

Anytime you want to sign on to a new Forum, just use your disposable email account.  That way, you won’t care if you get SPAM on that account, it’s not the one you give your friends.

On that topic, for a primary email address I recommend GMail. I’ve changed ISP’s several times and rather than give out a new email address to all my friends, I just continue to use my Gmail address. Also: Email has very good Anti Spam defense.

Just be sure you keep DIFFERENT passwords. That’s the number one mistake people make, ONE password for all accounts.

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