Nikon to Stop Making Most Film Cameras

I read on NYC Photobloggers: “Nikon Plans to Stop Making Most Cameras That Use Film”.

It’s a logical progression for Nikon, but I get a little Nostalgic as the first SLR I used was my Cousin’s Nikon F with a Photomic FTn viewfinder such as the one pictured on the right. It weighed a ton but I took some good photographs with it and was sorry when I had to return it a few years later (it was on loan only).

I’m biased towards Nikon as I like that they tend to feel very Solid and well balanced. Currently I Own a Nikon D70s with a 18-70mm f/3.5-4.5G ED-IF AF-S DX Zoom lens (like the one below after the break). My D70s is honestly the best Camera I’ve ever owned, but their are times I’ve missed using a Film SLR like the Nikon F or my old Minolta X-700. In college, I assisted the Photo Editor of the School Newspaper to develop Black and White film for the Articles. This gave me access to the photo lab for my own use. Every now and again, I get tempted to convert my basement wash room to a darkroom and develop some Black and white film, but the expense of it stops me (that and the fact the my wife would not like the Chemicals…)

Nikon concentrating on Digital Cameras will be remembered as a minor turning point in the history of photography. I wonder when other Film camera makers will start to throw in the Towel? Months ago, Kodak has announced it will no longer make Black and White Paper. When will they announce the End of thier Black And White Film Line? How long before the Film companies stop making Film alltogether?

With improvements to Resolution, Color depth, Speed every year, digital photography gets better and better but IMO is not quite up to film quality. At the moment, if someone asked me what to take their Wedding pictures in, I’d say Film, preferably Medium format as it will last longer than any CD or DVD. Also, there are distinct limitations as to how far you can enlarge a digital image vs. a film negative. My wedding was shot in Digital by my friends, but the paid photographer used a Nikon F4 and a Medium format Mamiya for our Studio shots.

Ken Rockwell has a very good write up called The Megapixel Myth that discusses some of the issues and considerations about digital cameras.

See NY Times write up.
Ken Rockwell’s thoughts.

Photo of the Nikon F from Ritz Collectibles.
Photo of the Nikon D70s from Nikon USA website

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