Daily Archives: January 24, 2006

Google Local: Cool but Scary level of detail

googlelocal.gifSaw this first on Gothamist and followed the link to Google’s Blog.

In the Google Blog, they have a link to a close up of the Statue of Liberty that is stunning to see. Zooming in on the Deck of the Intrepid is pretty Wild too.

Mind you, being able to view New York City this way is incredibly cool, but I wonder what limits, if any should be considered?

Here is a close-up of LaGuardia Airports Control Tower (JFK Too!). I read somewhere that certain sites were made to be Fuzzy on purpose, but Even the White House can be zoomed in on. (With the DOJ suit against Google to get Search Info, do you suppose that link would raise Flags?? )

In this Day and Age, should things like this be that Available?

BTW: No, I’m not a Paranoid person, I’m just wondering aloud.