Daily Archives: February 6, 2006

Fixing Spellbound for Firefox Version

Ok, As I can’t spell very well,  I use a Firefox Extension called Spellbound. It works very well, has a good Dictionary, and helps me avoid Spelling disasters. I depend on it alot and highly recommend it.

In short: I really NEED Spellbound to work. Trouble is: It doesn’t work after the latest Firefox Update. After some embarrassing Spelling mistakes, I resolved to find out how to fix it.

Turns out, it’s not so hard. In fact, It took me less than 10 minutes to figure it out (No, I’m not that smart, just lucky).

First, with firefox shutdown: Find where your Extensions are. On my XP machine, it’s in my "settingsapplication data" directory specifically:

mozillafirefoxprofilescafabfs7.default user 3extensions

View Extensions.RDF and you’ll see something like:
<RDF:Description RDF:about="urn:mozilla:extension:{9EBEDB01-55DC-432b-A2DB-7E4AF3230A24}"
       em:description="Adds spell checker support to web forms and extensions."
       em:creator="Robert Strong"
<em:contributor>Frank DiLecce (Ausdilecce)</em:contributor>
<em:contributor>mozilla.org developers – original spell checker code</em:contributor>
<em:contributor>mozilla.org translators ~ translations</em:contributor>
<em:targetApplication RDF:resource="rdf:#$ra73h3"/>
<em:targetApplication RDF:resource="rdf:#$sa73h3"/>


<RDF:Description RDF:about="urn:mozilla:extension:{21C392B7-136E-4f46-B1DD-405AFE01B2F1}"
       em:name="Mozilla SpellCheck Libraries"
       em:description="From the Mozilla Thunderbird 1.0.6 Win32 Release"
       em:creator="packaged by Robert Strong"
       em:contributor="mozilla.org – development of these components.">
<em:targetApplication RDF:resource="rdf:#$gc73h3"/>

Ok, the "{9EBEDB01-55DC-432b-A2DB-7E4AF3230A24}" and "{21C392B7-136E-4f46-B1DD-405AFE01B2F1}" happen to be the names of the directories that Spellbound and the Mozilla SpellCheck Libraries reside in.

In Each of these Directories is a "install.rdf" file. Edit these and change from


in both "install.rdf" files.

Restart Firefox and get your Spell Checking back. Life is good once again…


Big Brass Ones…

It’s not too often I come across a story that immediately inspires a post, but this is one such instance. I get home from a long day at work, relax, check my mail, email, news and what do I see on CNN.COM’s website?

“Oil industry disputes proposed budget trim”

Let me see if I get this correct:

  1. $10bn profit caps Exxon record year
  2. Chevron’s 4Q Profit Soars to Record High
  3. Imperial Oil Ltd. reported a record annual profit of $2.6-billion
  4. Nippon Oil’s full-year net profit will climb to 150 billion yen, a record profit
  5. Shell Oil Posts Record $23 Billion Profit
  6. IPSCO reports record earnings
  7. etc

Want to have fun? Via Google News, search for “Record Oil Profit
Oil Industry is upset at a Mere plan of $50 million in federal R&D funding Cut?
Guess the Oil company can’t find an Honest Politician

As I said: Big Brass ones.