Big Brass Ones…

It’s not too often I come across a story that immediately inspires a post, but this is one such instance. I get home from a long day at work, relax, check my mail, email, news and what do I see on CNN.COM’s website?

“Oil industry disputes proposed budget trim”

Let me see if I get this correct:

  1. $10bn profit caps Exxon record year
  2. Chevron’s 4Q Profit Soars to Record High
  3. Imperial Oil Ltd. reported a record annual profit of $2.6-billion
  4. Nippon Oil’s full-year net profit will climb to 150 billion yen, a record profit
  5. Shell Oil Posts Record $23 Billion Profit
  6. IPSCO reports record earnings
  7. etc

Want to have fun? Via Google News, search for “Record Oil Profit
Oil Industry is upset at a Mere plan of $50 million in federal R&D funding Cut?
Guess the Oil company can’t find an Honest Politician

As I said: Big Brass ones.

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