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Oil surges past $126 a barrel

Nice. And I was worried about $120 a barrel…

I’m in the midst of pricing out a conversion to either Natural Gas or simply upgrade to a new Oil Burner. When I get numbers/facts, I’ll document it here as I’m sure many people are thinking they have to lower their energy costs.

Our home is old, not fully insulated and the current Oil burner is from 1923. On top of being inefficient, our boiler room is dusty and the oil tank takes up a lot of space.

Image from CNN.

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These Hard Times” by Matchbox Twenty from the “Exile on Mainstream” Album. You can see the video here.

Oil now at $120 a barrel

Just perfect. Oil hit $120 a barrel today. This is exactly why I’m pricing out a conversion to Gas. At this rate, one would need to be a millionaire just to heat your home. Gee, I wonder how long it will take the three Presidential candidates to notice?

Big Brass Ones…

It’s not too often I come across a story that immediately inspires a post, but this is one such instance. I get home from a long day at work, relax, check my mail, email, news and what do I see on CNN.COM’s website?

“Oil industry disputes proposed budget trim”

Let me see if I get this correct:

  1. $10bn profit caps Exxon record year
  2. Chevron’s 4Q Profit Soars to Record High
  3. Imperial Oil Ltd. reported a record annual profit of $2.6-billion
  4. Nippon Oil’s full-year net profit will climb to 150 billion yen, a record profit
  5. Shell Oil Posts Record $23 Billion Profit
  6. IPSCO reports record earnings
  7. etc

Want to have fun? Via Google News, search for “Record Oil Profit
Oil Industry is upset at a Mere plan of $50 million in federal R&D funding Cut?
Guess the Oil company can’t find an Honest Politician

As I said: Big Brass ones.