RAW on the Nikon D70s

Nikon D70sSince getting the Nikon D70s, I’ve been trying to use it a lot and I attempt to use it to it’s full ability. So, on the advice of several people, I’ve started using the Camera in RAW mode. This has opened up all sorts of interesting possibilities.

The first thing you notice is the Size of each image. Setting the D70s to Highest quality Jpegs results in files averaging 3 megabytes. setting it to RAW NEF files generates 5 to 6 megabyte files. Not much of a size difference until you take lots of pictures.

I take walks during lunch and take about 50 to 60 pictures each time. This adds up especially since I tend to be a pack rat about my photos and save them all, even the ones I hate. Fortunately, DVD blanks are getting cheaper, so I’ll be burning more DVD’s so I don’t run out of Disk Space.

Back to RAW format; Below is a shot of a Crane I took on February 2nd. The image on the left is what it looked like as is. The one on the right is the image after I adjusted the Exposure prior to loading into Photoshop. Honestly, I was quite surprised how easy it was to adjust. Changing the Whit Balance is fairly easy too. Other than big events like Weddings (I shoot at least 300 photos, once over 800, at weddings), I’ll likely be using RAW setting of my camera for just about everything. The immediate flexibility it offers is very appealing.

Even though I’ve been taking photos for years, I’m still learning about photography. Digital photgraphy makes it a lot easier as you only print/save what you want to. The initial cost is higher than a Film SLR, but you don’t pay for film or processing. Because of that photography has opened up to anyone.

On a related note: I’ve upgraded my Flickr Account. I think I’ve caught the Flickritis bug…

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