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Just installed Wordbook Plugin

Lately I’ve been using Facebook a lot, so I installed the Wordbook WordPress plugin to update Facebook when I update my blog. Hope it works.

Upgraded to WordPress V2.5

Upgraded to WordPress V2.5. Other than visual enhancements of the management interface, it seems to be very similar to V2.3.3. Other than one gotcha (fixed), it was pretty straight forward.

Conversion to WordPress write up

Epyon-1.com CPU under WordPress

Above you see the main reason I switched to WordPress. Under MT, the CPU was pegged much of the day literally making the server unusable. As far as I know, most of the MT was SPAM trackbacks and SPAM comment attempts. Likely I could have tweaked my Web server/MT installation, but frankly it was more work than I cared for.

Some people asked me how much work was required to convert from MT to WordPress. My brother wrote up the procedure on his blog, “Mostly Harmless“, here. He spent a lot of time (2 Days?) getting it perfect and I’m grateful as WordPress has been a much better experience fro me.

Also, he wants me to create a WordPress plugin using PHP. Should be fun and I’ll write it up as I develop it.

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Why I converted to WordPress

Wordpress ButtonsBefore anyone goes on a rant, I have no loyalty for any particular product or technology. In Movable Type’s case, I liked it for it’s convenience and the fact that it was written in PERL.

I’ve been a PERL programmer for years. If I need a new tool for work, I simply write it in PERL. In the case of my MTYahooMaps plugin (and my version of MTGoogleMaps), I wrote it because I was interested in Maps and integrating it on MT Blogs. It was fun to write, I learned a lot and It works.

With the last upgrade of MT to 4.X, my plugin no longer works. Neither did the CAPTCHA plugin, SCODE (YES, I use CAPTCHA , YES, I’m told it’s Not effective…). Frankly, as soon as I started to use MT 4, I was getting all sorts of comment SPAM that I wasn’t getting under MT 3.X so, I switched back. The bottom line is, CGI PERL brings my server to it’s knees. Likely my server was not configured as efficiently as it could be and the uptime and top command would show serious problems for my server. When using MT 3.x, my cpu would get pegged often enough that I would have to knock the webserver down just to use the box.

Under WordPress, I have yet to see the CPU pegged (Still working on getting MRTG configured too). Also, the user interface is a lot easier to use than MT. So easy, I find myself posting entries much more often.

With the exception of Nikon products, It’s all brand X to me. MT is a good product and Sixapart is a great company, I just feel like doing something different. Who knows? I may go back to it at a later date.

BTW: My brother is writing up the conversion on his blog, “Mostly Harmless“. He did all the work, I’m merely reaping the benefit. Also, he wants me to learn PHP and do some custom programming for WordPress.

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Uploaded more images

Edited and uploaded more images for the Banner.  Nice thing about the image rotator script is that it is a combination if PHP and JavaScript. The way it’s setup, all I need do is just load a directory with images.

WordPress Update

Wordpress ButtonsWell, this is a big improvement. My server still gets hammered with people/bots/etc. still trying to SPAM my blog with all sorts of crap, but It’s not having an affect on my server.

In the past, the server CPU would get pegged with all the Spammers attempting to hit it. In that regard, WordPress isn’t breaking a sweat. That’s a vast improvement as the server would become unresponsive and the PERL CGI programs would effectivly kill the machine.

As for posting and administration, IMO, this is a LOT easier than MT was. I’m still using captcha’s for comments, but I may turn that off.

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Switched to WordPress

Wordpress ButtonsOk, after much prodding by brother, I have crossed over to the dark side and converted my Blog to WordPress from Movable Type.

As fun as making my MTYahooMaps plugin was, I haven’t touched it in over a year and have no intention of updating it to work on MT 4.

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Attempted to upgrade to Movable Type 4

MT 4 Error I have to say, It’s very pretty.

It’s an odd error that I did not get with the Beta version. I’m not the only one to see this either.

On the plus side, I always back up my data and Upgraded a 2nd DB. That way, it could co-exist with the older version which is how I can post this…

Update 1: Getting less impressed as I continue. Apparently, the word delimiter is different from Version 3.3 to Version 4.0.

So, the Version 4.0 entry has a file name like this: attempted-to-upgrade-to-movable-type-4.php

While the Version 3.2 is:

Why does this matter you ask? Simple: If I rebuild my site, All the links in Google get invalidated AND all the old files are still out there.

I’m hoping there is a switch that can be set to correct this annoying deficiency.

Update 2: I mentioned it here on the Forum.

Final Update: I switched to WordPress.

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