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Bad week in Celebrity News

It seems famous people DO pass away in threes. Two are, sadly, not a surprise. Ed McMahon and Farrah Fawcett were both known to be ill, but Michael Jackson was a complete shock.  I’m not particularly a fan of Michael Jackson (make no mistake, I’m sorry all three passed away) but he was a talented artist and had a great impact on pop music.

What is up with Magazine SPAM?!?!

Very weird, I’m getting bombarded with over 50 messages a day to “subscribe” to various Magazines? It’s so bad, I’m auto deleting anything with certain magazine names…

Wow. McCain representative is nuts. A Reflection of the McCain Campaign?

Shocking, I know.  I saw this on Firedoglake and was pleasantly surprised to see Chris Wallace ask lobbyist and McCain spokesman, Rick Davis about the hateful rhetoric at McCain/Palin Rallies by some of McCain supporters.

What does Rick Davis do? Pretend that he question was about comments made by Georgia congressman John Lewis *And* throw in that Sen. John McCain was a POW too…

Huh?!?!  As much as I hate to Link to Faux News, See the transcript yourself.

Ok, It’s no secret that the “Straight Talk Express” has been run off the road, but to be asked direct question and respond like that is, IMO,  completely insane.

Must be a lobbyist spin thing. The truth is that the McCain campaign is running a deceitful negative campaign that IS inciting people to violence. That was exactly what Rep. John Lewis’s point.

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Carly Fiorina:”Well, I don’t think John McCain could run a major corporation.”

You just can’t make this up.  Carly Fiorina, one of Sen. McCain’s Economic advisor and apparent spokesperson thinks Gov. Palin AND Sen. McCain can’t run a Major corporation.

Huh? Carly Fiorina thinks Gov. Palin AND Sen. McCain can’t run a Major corporation but somehow CAN run the U.S. Government???

I’m thinking she’s done making public statements for the campaign for a while.

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Be Careful what you wish for

I’d rather Hurricane Gustav was NOT the focus of the news this week. I’d not have watched the RNC, but it would be better than a potentially devastating Hurricane. Along that line: Stuart Shepard of Focus on the Family encouraged people to pray for “rain of biblical proportions” to ruin Sen. Obama’s speech. It goes to show you: You should be careful what you wish for.

Sadly, Another Potential Darwin Award winner

Saw this on the news. Apparently, some guys tried to Kite Surf as Hurricane Fay was coming ashore. For one of them, the results were pretty bad. From the Post Chronicle:

Fay Kite Surfer Kevin Kevin Kearney nearly killed. After deciding that it would be a good idea to test Mother Nature’s patience, Kevin Kearney was whipped into a building by ‘Hurricane’ Fay’s winds.

Emergency workers rushed to the scene where Kevin laid on the ground after slamming into the side of a building – and he is now listed in critical condition.

So how was he lifted into the air before being swung into the building? He was ‘kite surfing’ – which is, for obvious reasons, extremely dangerous in Tropical Storm weather.

Kevin was on Fort Lauderdale beach when Fay’s winds took the 26-year-old for a ride. Kearney, who was harnessed into his kite sail, couldn’t break free when he was lifted into the air.

I Hope he makes it.

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Interesting Lesson this weekend

Amusing thing I learned this weekend, When you have two cell phones use different ring tones.

My job requires me to have a Blackberry for support. It’s not bad and does come in handy when I need to be on the phone with work at odd hours and prevents my Cell phone bill from getting out of control. I was driving to our NJ office when I got stuck in traffic and thus was a little over an hour late.

While driving, I use hands free speaker phone on both phones. Since I was very late and had people waiting on me, several people tried calling me on both phones. Since they BOTH have the same ring tones, it was a little problematic…

Despite my being late, it all worked out ok.

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The NRA is going after Disney World?!?

Meant to post this last week but been busy: The NRA is going after Disney World. Just “Wow“. Apparently the NRA is upset that Disney Employees can’t bring Guns on Disney Property…

Sen. McCain home in California is in Default??

Sometimes you just have to scratch your head and wonder. According to Newsweek:

When you’re poor, it can be hard to pay the bills. When you’re rich, it’s hard to keep track of all the bills that need paying. It’s a lesson Cindy McCain learned the hard way when NEWSWEEK raised questions about an overdue property-tax bill on a La Jolla, Calif., property owned by a trust that she oversees. Mrs. McCain is a beer heiress with an estimated $100 million fortune and, along with her husband, she owns at least seven properties, including condos in California and Arizona.

Mind you, I bet Sen and Mrs. McCain doesn’t run the day to day operations of the trust, but in an election year I’d imagine that their business would keep track of their bills better.

As per the GOP, if this happened to Mrs. Obama, they’d be all over it. We’d be hearing things like “How can you trust them to be in the White House?!?!” As it is, this is just Odd.

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I’m all for Political Expression but SPELL CHECK first

Saw this on Reddit.com and had to look. Maybe she’s trying to be “ironic”? After all, she underlined “offical”.

The Image caption reads:

Excellent point: In Houston, a Texan protesting amnesty for illegal immigrants argues that anyone who can’t master English doesn’t deserve to live in America.

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