Sadly, Another Potential Darwin Award winner

Saw this on the news. Apparently, some guys tried to Kite Surf as Hurricane Fay was coming ashore. For one of them, the results were pretty bad. From the Post Chronicle:

Fay Kite Surfer Kevin Kevin Kearney nearly killed. After deciding that it would be a good idea to test Mother Nature’s patience, Kevin Kearney was whipped into a building by ‘Hurricane’ Fay’s winds.

Emergency workers rushed to the scene where Kevin laid on the ground after slamming into the side of a building – and he is now listed in critical condition.

So how was he lifted into the air before being swung into the building? He was ‘kite surfing’ – which is, for obvious reasons, extremely dangerous in Tropical Storm weather.

Kevin was on Fort Lauderdale beach when Fay’s winds took the 26-year-old for a ride. Kearney, who was harnessed into his kite sail, couldn’t break free when he was lifted into the air.

I Hope he makes it.

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