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California’s prison guard union will seek the recall of Gov. Schwarzenegger

From Reuters – California’s prison guard union said on Monday it will seek the recall of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger after he ordered a pay cut for its members amid the state’s protracted budget deadlock.

That would be Just Perfect!

Gov. Palin considered banning books in her town

From the NY Times, Apparently, Gov. Palin considered banning books in her town. Wow, she just gets better and better as the days roll by…

Be Careful what you wish for

I’d rather Hurricane Gustav was NOT the focus of the news this week. I’d not have watched the RNC, but it would be better than a potentially devastating Hurricane. Along that line: Stuart Shepard of Focus on the Family encouraged people to pray for “rain of biblical proportions” to ruin Sen. Obama’s speech. It goes to show you: You should be careful what you wish for.

Just installed Wordbook Plugin

Lately I’ve been using Facebook a lot, so I installed the Wordbook WordPress plugin to update Facebook when I update my blog. Hope it works.

The NRA is going after Disney World?!?

Meant to post this last week but been busy: The NRA is going after Disney World. Just “Wow“. Apparently the NRA is upset that Disney Employees can’t bring Guns on Disney Property…

Right wing goes Ape over Sen. Obama NOT wasting taxpayers money

The Right wing goes Ape over Sen. Obama NOT wasting taxpayers money. How’s that work? Sen. McCain flip flops on important issues, tries to illegally opt out of federal funding, and the best the right wing can do is  go Ape S__t over Sen. Obama NOT wasting taxpayers money? Nice! Sen. Obama must be doing something right! Hope he keeps it up!

Just Shocking. Sen. McCain flip flops on another issue

Sen. McCain flip flops on another issue. I guess he figured out which way he thinks the wind blows and changed his position, again. So, let’s see: He was against Torture and then for it, (and when asked about America torturing people, he got confused…) Now he was against indefinite detention and now is for it. Me, oddly, I believe in the rule of law and am against indefinite detention without charges and no right of appeal.

Oil now at $120 a barrel

Just perfect. Oil hit $120 a barrel today. This is exactly why I’m pricing out a conversion to Gas. At this rate, one would need to be a millionaire just to heat your home. Gee, I wonder how long it will take the three Presidential candidates to notice?

Sen. John McCain: ‘Mission accomplished’ banner not Bush’s fault

From the AP: Sen. John McCain says President Bush should not be held responsible for the much-criticized “mission accomplished” banner five years ago, but he should be blamed for bungling the early months of the Iraq war. So, The Buck stops where? Not at the desk of the current President.

USA Today: “More U.S. troops battle foreclosure”

Great. On top of fighting for our country, our soldiers have to worry about losing their homes. From the article: “The Army as a whole has seen an increase in soldiers and families seeking assistance for mortgage foreclosures,” says Army Lt. Col. Anne Edgecomb, an Army spokeswoman, citing data from branch legal offices trying to advise soldiers.