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Juggler on the Train Update: This is Tony Duncan

One of the cool things about New York: You run across interesting people all the time. We were coming home late, sat down and a man was practicing juggling 4 to 6 colored balls. He’d add one, subtract one, always keeping them in motion and putting 5 in one hand as he adjusted his Ipod.

He let me take his picture but I wish I put the camera in Movie mode. Unfortunately by that time, we arrived at his stop.

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Speaker Repair Job

Music is very important to me, so when I knocked over my PC speaker and broke the audio jack to the left speaker, I figured I could:
b.) Live with music coming out of one speaker
a.) Get a new set
c.) Fix it.

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Photoshop fun

One of the things I’ve been doing is scanning old pictures that I’ve taken. This one was scanned in and seriously edited in Photoshop. Here is what it looked like originally.

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Yet Another Reason to use Firefox

One word: Extensions.

I go to a few Blogs and leave comments, but I can’t spell to save my life. So, I added: Spellbound as a Firefox extension. Very convenient.

Playing with Different File Formats

This is a shot of 40th and Park AvenueI took in 1992 at 12:17am on a Saturday morning. Here I saved it as a 24bit PNG image. Here is a link to the same image saved as a JPEG File. (Notice how different it is vs. a Rainslicked street?) It has the same resolution, but IMO the PNG file looks better but they are probably equal quality.

nyc photobloggers 3


nyc-photobloggers3.jpgUnfortunately, I got there late, but I did get to see Jesse Chan-Norris give an interesting presentation on a series of shots he took of Manikins (Sounds weird, I know, but it actually isn’t). Unfortunately, I forgot My Flash! The pictures aren’t as good as I’d like, these were barely usable…

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Interesting protest picture

I’m going thru some of the old pictures I printed and came accross this one. This was a small protest on Park Avenue South and 26th street to speak out against the CUNY tuition increase. I was leaving for another class and just saw them thru the Lobby entrance. I took the picture and went to class. What struck me afterwards was that I only got the lower half of the protest sign. Because of this: the picture could be any protest. I like how it worked out.

When I scanned the picture in, I left the border in and did not completly clean up the image. I think it looks more interesting that way.

CSS, HTML and an Old Picture

x-400.jpgI’m still learning how to utilize CSS and the finer points of HTML. The banner background image is a Time lapse shot I took of Grand Central at about 10PM in 1991 with my Minolta X-700 with a Vivitar Series 1 70-200 Lens. I figured it’s as good as any image for a background. Here is a link to the full image. BTW: If your taking time lapse shots at night, Wait till it rains. I’m playing aroung with a CGI perl script to randomize the image. For the Text on the Image, I’d like to use an black outline font, but I haven’t quite figured out how to do that just yet.

I took hundreds of pictures with that Camera in college but I haven’t used it since 1995. That particular shot took me close to an entire roll of film before I got one that I Liked. I took a simular shot in black and white which was good and didn’t cost as much as I developed the roll and printed only the ones I liked.

EDIT: Valuable Lesson! Don’t edit the Stylesheet in a Text editor without applying the changes to MT! When I added THIS entry, It automatically overwrote the Stylesheet on the Filesystem…
Fortunataely, I still had the file open and saved it in MT.

nyc photobloggers 3

nyc-photobloggers3.jpgWednesday night, I’ll be going to the nyc photobloggers 3 at the Apple Store in Soho. Back in college, I used to take hundreds of Black and White photo’s of anything and everything. With Digital Camera’s it’s easier and Cheaper than developing Black & White film.

I’m not very good, but it was fun to do and I had an arrangement with the school Newspaper. I’d help develop and print pictures with the photo editor and get the Key to the Photo Lab. (Saved me lots of money on chemicals!) It worked out for the School newspaper too. They had lots of people to take pictures, but only the Photo editor had the patience to actually develop the pictures. I helped out and had a good time too.

Since I’m trying to get back into photography, I thought this would be a good way to see what other people are doing. Some of the Galleries are really good web sites.
Among them (in no particular order):

It should be interesting. Besides the process of selection and display of images, I’m curious as to the software used in the Blogs.

Harry and a Big paper bag

What is it with Cats and Big Paper bags? Harry isn’t the only cat I know that will jump into a noisy paper bag given the chance. Cats love to jump in and act like no one can see them. Then, when you get too close, they jump out! Cute, but Bizzare…

I took this picture back in October 2004. I forgot all about it since my PC blew up without an up to date backup but just saw it on my Web site where I have a random selection of pictures as the front door. Simple and better than a test page.