Daily Archives: March 21, 2005

nyc photobloggers 3

nyc-photobloggers3.jpgWednesday night, I’ll be going to the nyc photobloggers 3 at the Apple Store in Soho. Back in college, I used to take hundreds of Black and White photo’s of anything and everything. With Digital Camera’s it’s easier and Cheaper than developing Black & White film.

I’m not very good, but it was fun to do and I had an arrangement with the school Newspaper. I’d help develop and print pictures with the photo editor and get the Key to the Photo Lab. (Saved me lots of money on chemicals!) It worked out for the School newspaper too. They had lots of people to take pictures, but only the Photo editor had the patience to actually develop the pictures. I helped out and had a good time too.

Since I’m trying to get back into photography, I thought this would be a good way to see what other people are doing. Some of the Galleries are really good web sites.
Among them (in no particular order):

It should be interesting. Besides the process of selection and display of images, I’m curious as to the software used in the Blogs.

Harry and a Big paper bag

What is it with Cats and Big Paper bags? Harry isn’t the only cat I know that will jump into a noisy paper bag given the chance. Cats love to jump in and act like no one can see them. Then, when you get too close, they jump out! Cute, but Bizzare…

I took this picture back in October 2004. I forgot all about it since my PC blew up without an up to date backup but just saw it on my Web site where I have a random selection of pictures as the front door. Simple and better than a test page.

American Idiot…

Noooo, Not me! The Album, American Idiot by Green Day. I’ve just had it on for Background music as I work at my desk. It’s really good but you have to be in the right frame of mind to listen to it.

This is the sort of music I listen to when I’m programming, especially if it’s something I’ve never done before. I’m told that it’s odd (I obviously don’t think so) but I can concentrate better with good music playing vs. working in silence. Even if there is Background noise, like this past Friday night when I was working in the Network Control Center during an unexpected network outage, I can work better than if I am in total silence.

I also like listening to Hot Fuss By The Killers. The song, “All These Things That I’ve Done” is, at the moment, my favorite on the Album. “Beleive me Natalie” is a close second. “Somebody Told Me” is what I heard first on the Radio, but really isn’t as good as other songs on the Album.

IMO, For programming, any music is good as long as it a beat, good lyrics, and is interesting. Nearly any Oingo Boingo song, New Order, Any Seal Album is good.

The absolute BEST song to listen too while programming has to be “Dragula” by Rob Zombie. It was in “The Matrix” in the playing in club scene where Neo meets Trinity for the first time. It’s good to work out with too…