nyc photobloggers 3

nyc-photobloggers3.jpgWednesday night, I’ll be going to the nyc photobloggers 3 at the Apple Store in Soho. Back in college, I used to take hundreds of Black and White photo’s of anything and everything. With Digital Camera’s it’s easier and Cheaper than developing Black & White film.

I’m not very good, but it was fun to do and I had an arrangement with the school Newspaper. I’d help develop and print pictures with the photo editor and get the Key to the Photo Lab. (Saved me lots of money on chemicals!) It worked out for the School newspaper too. They had lots of people to take pictures, but only the Photo editor had the patience to actually develop the pictures. I helped out and had a good time too.

Since I’m trying to get back into photography, I thought this would be a good way to see what other people are doing. Some of the Galleries are really good web sites.
Among them (in no particular order):

It should be interesting. Besides the process of selection and display of images, I’m curious as to the software used in the Blogs.

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