Monthly Archives: April 2005

One Madison Avenue and Other Places

I took this on Monday April 11th. I was goofing around with my new Camera and just took this Picture.

I like How it came out.

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Really Cool Motorbike

One of the nice things about Small Camera’s is that you can take a picture when ever you’d like!

This bike belongs to a friend.

Nice Day in the park

Between training today, my Coworkers and I went to Madison Park where we saw a lot of hungry people.

For a line like that, The Food there had better be Spectacular!

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Monroe Street @ 7:00pm


Orchid Show

After taking my wife to my High School reunion on Saturday, we went to the Orchid show on Sunday. It seemed like a good time to get my wife to try out the Canon and to get taking pictures.


Sunday was the last day, and it was packed. The turn out was just the right size, crowded but not like a subway. We were able to take pictures without bothering anyone.

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Brooklyn Tech HS Reunion

Saturday, I went to my High School reunion at Brooklyn Tech. After so long, I had no idea what to expect, but it turned out to be fun and I saw people I’ve not seen in a long time.Above Picture from Brooklyn Tech’s Web site

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Art in Madison Square Park

Walking thru the park, there is what looks like Cinder blocks being stacked on each other. It struck me as an odd place for a Wall but I found out it is “Circle With Columns”.

Here is what it looks like April 11th, Monday Morning.

More Photoshop Fun

This morning I was really early to work, So I stopped in Madison Square Park and took some pictures. The one above is an unretouched shot of Eleven Madison Avenue and One Madison Avenue on the right.

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More pictures of Harry

One of the nice things about Harry is: He doesn’t mind having his picture being taken.

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New Camera

One problem I have with my Nikon 5700: it’s a little Bulky. To address this, me and my wife got a Canon S410. It takes very good 4 mega pixel images and fits in my Jacket pocket. This makes spur of the moment picture taking easier.

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