Monthly Archives: April 2005

Playing with Photoshop

Above is an Image I shot Sunday. While reading a book Photoshop CS for Digital Photographers by Colin Smith, I came across the correcting perspective in cropping an Image. Above is the before and after results. I’m sure experienced Photoshop user will say “Big Deal”, but coming from a Darkroom perspective like I have, this is **Really** Cool.

Next I have to clean up the Contrast and selectively brighten the lower half of the image.

Update: I’ve brightened the image a little and played with the contrast too. It looks a little off, but it is a Work in progress.

The life of Harry….

Yep, It’s definitely a tough life Harry lives…

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Downtown Manhattan on a Rainy Day

We spent the afternoon in Downtown Manhattan near City Hall and took some interesting pictures. This happens to be a pair of walkers we saw by the steps of the Tweed Building.

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Macro Mode on my camera

It’s not often that I play with the Macro mode on my camera. In this case we bought a couple of “Party Flowers” at Maces, so I thought I’d take a close up. After some trial and Error, I took some OK ones with the aid of my flash. After this, I think I better get a Tripod sooner than Later…

The flower pots for these plants are small and not even the size of a small coffee cup. The Biggest Flower is barely the size of two thumbs put side by side.

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Things to do on a really Rainy Day

Take pictures, of course. Near my house is several spots for puddles to form, so I took some close up shots from my Window.

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