Monthly Archives: May 2005

Martin Cat


This is our Siamese cat, Martin. At 16 years of age, he’s the oldest cat we’ve had and the 2nd Oldest cat I’ve met. We got him early 1989 and from that time, he’s demonstrated that he’s one of the smartest cat’s I know.

He has marvelous Blue Eyes but I’m not sure how to fix the Red eye for a Cat. Also, since it was a little dark, his Iris was so far open that his eyes were really black…

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Finally a Nice Day!



Dissatisfied Client

Apparently, the owner and/or tenant was broken into Once too often.

This is around the corner from the Police Precinct.

A better Close up…

East side in the 20’s


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Empire State Building

Every year, I go At least once to the Empire State Building (a story for another time) but I’ve not managed to get there this year. Next time I go, It’s got to be on a clear day or Clear night…


Driving around Downtown & Brooklyn

Being Stuck in traffic can be fun if you have a Small camera and you are are in an interesting part of town. The Above shot was taken on the Brooklyn Bridge after realizing: Hey! I’ve got a sun roof…

I was coming back from New Jersey for work when I thought to take out my Camera and Snap some pictures.


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Walking around Downtown

Worlds Biggest PSP?

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Oddly enough, despite the work, planting a vegetable garden is pretty relaxing…

Above I have a row of Carrots followed by a row of Lettuce with a Tomato plant behind it. When the weather permits, I’ll put a different variety of lettuce and Squash (Zuchini?) in the back.

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Random Images


Just some images I have on my PC.

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Interesting Architecture

Going to work Friday, I thought the combination of the new Baruch College building was quite a Contrast against Older buildings. This is from 25th Street off 3rd Avenue.

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