Monthly Archives: June 2005

Central Park on a Summer Saturday – Part 3

Really good day for Row boating. Haven’t done that in a while, but it’s fun and I really should go again.

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Central Park on a Summer Saturday – Part 2

I wonder if the owner was tempted to let the dog lunge towards the Duck? Fortunately for the Duck, the owner went the other way.

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Central Park on a Summer Saturday – Part 1

While it was a really hot day, it was also breezy and good for a Walk thru parts of Central park.

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Midday walk

I used to work here a while ago (Longer than I care to admit!) but this is the first time I’ve walked there in years.

I guess Grand Central is getting cleaned again.

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Monkey Business

monkeybusiness.jpgJust heard a Really good album “Monkey Business” by Black Eyed Peas. After listening to it once, I highly recommend it.

Interesting items in Washington Square Park



When Snapple Attacks!

Well, Not so much attacks, but make a Big mess. You had to feel sorry for them, if it was near a Sewer drain it would not have been a Problem. BTW, in the Above shot, That’s NOT water on the street: it’s Kiwi-Strawberry and it’s as slippery as Oil.

There was a film crew there and the “Reporter” was a man with a Clown nose. Odd.

See Gothamist’s Coverage

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Vegatable Garden

Since I met my Wife, I’ve actually cared what was in my Backyard. Last year, We planted a vegetable garden with limited success. This year, a little more planning and lots of work, we have a lot more.

Here is a shot of our Oak Leaf Lettuce

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Yet More Pictures Of Harry

Being able to work from home can be OK, but my home office has No A/C!
We avoid the heat, But Harry loves it…

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Pictures from Walking uptown


For Lunch, I occasionally take walks. As long as I have water, I’m comfortable up to temperatures in the high 90’s so the Weather today was no Big deal.

Leaving my office I have no idea where to go, so I just pick a direction I haven’t gone in a while. In this case, I went up via 3rd Avenue (Or was it Lexington?) and came across this. I like the contrast of the Old Building in front of the “Modern” one.