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Cat on Elizabeth Street

Nothing fancy, but while walking down Elizabeth Street, I came across this cat under a Fruit bin.

Memorial to Andrew Morgan

IMG_1340.jpgMaybe Memorial isn’t the correct word, but I can’t think of another. Andrew Morgan was riding a Bike at Houston and Elizabeth when he was killed by a truck. This White Bike was left to mark it.

As discussed on Gothamist.

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Can you See Harry?

IMG_1353.jpgFor a Cat, the Entire World is their playground. We can learn a lot from them.

Can you spot Harry demonstrating the proper use for a Box?

These were taken over the weekend, But I’ve been too busy to post them.

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Really Scary Times


Not sure which is worse, the threat of terrorism or the threat of overreaction by the Authorities. The above photo Op was the police detaining some Tourists. This was from Sunday’s Tour Bus Scare. If I had to take a guess, the NY Daily News saved this for Tuesday to continue to Milk the situation to sell News Papers.

Above Image from Gothamist who got it from AP.

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Good bye, Martin Cat.

I wasn’t going to write about this but after typing it up, I realized that writing it helps.

One of the worst duties of a pet owner is that you sometimes have to put them down. In 1989, I paid for Martin at a Pet Shop around 60th and Lexington Ave. Now, 16 years later, he took ill. Specifically, his Kidneys stop working and he stopped eating and drinking Thursday night.

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Be on the look out for Suspicious Clothing…

cargopants.jpgAccording to the Daily News article,

A Gray Line dispatcher called 911 and told cops the men had backpacks and their pockets “stuffed” – a possible warning sign of suicide bombers, said NYPD spokesman Paul Browne.

That’s just Perfect! That describes Me!!! I’ve Got a Backpack stuffed with LOTS of innocent things, I wear cargo pants an Often stuff my Ipod in one pocket *and* my Camera in the Other!

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Maps at got More Better!!!

I was just wondering “What Cool Stuff Can Google Do Next?” when I read this on! Hybrid Maps overlayed on Satellite images…

Here is 11 Madison Avenue Near Snack Shack on 23rd street…

Image from

Can you really patent an “emoticon”?

According to Slashdot, Microsoft Frowned at for Smiley Patent.

From the ZD Net Article

The patent, which was published by the US patent office on Thursday, covers selecting pixels to create an emoticon image, assigning a character sequence to these pixels and reconstructing the emoticon after transmission.

The implications of this is more than a little odd. The funny thing is Microsoft keeps saying their for Innovation. I like to code with disctintve comments in PERL:

while(<STDIN>) {
   # Clean up the string...
   $_ =~ s/^s+(.*?)s+/$1/;

   # Split up the record
   @Temp = split(/t/, $_);

   # Clean up Each Field
    foreach(@Temp) {
      $_ =~ s/^s+(.*?)s+/$1/;
   } # End of foreach(@Temp) {
   # Do something else...
} # end of while(<STDIN>) {

Do I have to worry if someone Patents my style of comments? Weird.

Image from

New York Police to Search Commuters’ Bags

nypd-NY1.jpgAs per the NY Times.
We live in scary times, and obviously, something needs to be done but this? This may be Pandora’s box cracking open. A few loaded questions:

  • How does a Cop choose a “Random” bag to search?
  • Suppose you object to a search on the Bus?
  • What about a Lady covered head to toe for religious reasons?
  • What if they publically search a guy with lots of valuables that gets publically exposed? “On your way, have a safe trip sir”?

This may cause more problems than it solves. I’ve had my car searched a couple of times before entering the Midtown Tunnel. It’s inconvenient, but you don’t mind since it’s before you get to the tunnel. “Random” Searches in a crowded Subway at the entrance Only?

The Police Commissioner Ray Kelly says “It’s a safety issue. People don’t consider any measures that you take for safety to be an inconvenience. This is New York City.”

What’s next, strip searches? Take your shoes of for the Bomb Detector, please? It just could be that taking measures like these: the Terrorists have really begun to win.

Image from NY1.

Images from another summer Walk

IMG_1230.jpgA little out of sequence, but I liked this one the best.

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