Daily Archives: March 24, 2005

nyc photobloggers 3


nyc-photobloggers3.jpgUnfortunately, I got there late, but I did get to see Jesse Chan-Norris give an interesting presentation on a series of shots he took of Manikins (Sounds weird, I know, but it actually isn’t). Unfortunately, I forgot My Flash! The pictures aren’t as good as I’d like, these were barely usable…

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Interesting protest picture

I’m going thru some of the old pictures I printed and came accross this one. This was a small protest on Park Avenue South and 26th street to speak out against the CUNY tuition increase. I was leaving for another class and just saw them thru the Lobby entrance. I took the picture and went to class. What struck me afterwards was that I only got the lower half of the protest sign. Because of this: the picture could be any protest. I like how it worked out.

When I scanned the picture in, I left the border in and did not completly clean up the image. I think it looks more interesting that way.