nyc photobloggers 3


nyc-photobloggers3.jpgUnfortunately, I got there late, but I did get to see Jesse Chan-Norris give an interesting presentation on a series of shots he took of Manikins (Sounds weird, I know, but it actually isn’t). Unfortunately, I forgot My Flash! The pictures aren’t as good as I’d like, these were barely usable…

Here is Jake Dobkin, the host, asking the audience for questions for Jesse. Jesse’s series of manikins was pretty interesting.

Next came Zack Klein and Youngna Park presenting a couple of projects they worked on. The first was portraits they took in Williamsburg. The idea was: Offer Candy canes to people in exchange for taking their photo. Youngna put her pictures on her site and Zach did the same. The results were cool and amusing as it looks like they caught some people Way before they had any coffee!

Then they spoke about another project they worked on, where they asked people in Times Square to write a message and hold it up while they take a picture. They had to hold up a sign claiming to be students working on a project to get volunteers. Here is a better shot of the Sign. I can’t find it on their respective web sites so I don’t think it’s up just yet. Above is Both of them speaking about the experience.

Joseph Holmes spoke next. I like his work as he’ll take interesting shots of something as mundane as people walking in a street.

Afterwards we went to Merc Bar for some drinks courtesy of Jake and JPG Magazine. We got to speak to Jake, Youngna, Zach and Jesse. All the presenters were very friendly and answered all of our questions. It was a lot of fun and I’m definitely attending the next one.

Here is a picture of Jake at the Merc Bar:

And here is a Shot of Youngna:

It was pretty dark and the fellow with the Ferrari baseball cap got a Deer-in-the-headlights look when the flash went off…

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