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American Idiot…

Noooo, Not me! The Album, American Idiot by Green Day. I’ve just had it on for Background music as I work at my desk. It’s really good but you have to be in the right frame of mind to listen to it.

This is the sort of music I listen to when I’m programming, especially if it’s something I’ve never done before. I’m told that it’s odd (I obviously don’t think so) but I can concentrate better with good music playing vs. working in silence. Even if there is Background noise, like this past Friday night when I was working in the Network Control Center during an unexpected network outage, I can work better than if I am in total silence.

I also like listening to Hot Fuss By The Killers. The song, “All These Things That I’ve Done” is, at the moment, my favorite on the Album. “Beleive me Natalie” is a close second. “Somebody Told Me” is what I heard first on the Radio, but really isn’t as good as other songs on the Album.

IMO, For programming, any music is good as long as it a beat, good lyrics, and is interesting. Nearly any Oingo Boingo song, New Order, Any Seal Album is good.

The absolute BEST song to listen too while programming has to be “Dragula” by Rob Zombie. It was in “The Matrix” in the playing in club scene where Neo meets Trinity for the first time. It’s good to work out with too…

Harry twisting his head in his sleep


It always amazes me how cats can and will contort themselves to get comfortable. Here is Harry is showing how it’s Done. He’s comfortable with his head twisted up-side down?

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It Snowed

Last night it snowed close to an inch. Naturally, we have an appointment early in the morning, so I had to clean our car off…

Now, it’s Sunnny and about 40°F so all the snow is melting and sliding off of everything.

I was able to take this shot of my neighbor’s tree while the snow still remained. Looked Nice, so here it is.

Watch this Space…

I’ve deceided to set up my own Blog.

Mostly, it will be for various things like Pictures I take, Rants I feel like going on, What not…


Well, It’s simply about Me.

Photography is a hobby I like to indulge in. Being in NYC, I have the opportunity to see interesting things everyday. On Flickr, I can see other’s interesting photo’s as well.

My background in photography is rooted in 35mm SLR cameras. I started with my Cousin’s Nikon F and eventually bought a used Minolta X-700. It’s a good camera, but I’ve not used it since the early 90’s. Now I use a Nikon D80 and/or a Canon S410. When taking pictures of something like a Wedding or an Event, I use the Nikon D80, but for random spur of the moment shots, the Canon S410 is better suited. Being smaller, it’s what I call a party camera. Mostly I use the D80 for daily use.

My weapons of choice: a Nikon D80, a Nikon D70s and a Canon S410.

You could see a gallery of my Photo’s here.

When I’m not Working or taking photo’s I program things like a Movable Type Plugin called MTYahooMaps a plugin that allows you to incorporate a Yahoo Map into your MT Blog post. Basically, I program whenever I run across a problem and want to make it work better.

S.D.. Get yours at

Me in Nikon Advertisement

In July of 2006, I was lucky enough to be among the 16 photographers that were chosen to participate in an advertising campaign for Nikon. It didn’t really hit me until I opened Popular Photography (my wife got me a subscription) and see my face in the lower corner.

My contribution is in the lower corner of the website.

To be perfectly honest, I think the other photographers are much better than I am, such as Timothy Schenck or Joseph Holmes (whom I saw at NYCPB6) just to name a few.

I really believe I’m lucky to be counted among such creative people.

Best viewed Large or Original.

On the Off Chance anyone wants to link or use my images, email me at sd_042[?t]