Juggler on the Train Update: This is Tony Duncan

One of the cool things about New York: You run across interesting people all the time. We were coming home late, sat down and a man was practicing juggling 4 to 6 colored balls. He’d add one, subtract one, always keeping them in motion and putting 5 in one hand as he adjusted his Ipod.

He let me take his picture but I wish I put the camera in Movie mode. Unfortunately by that time, we arrived at his stop.




UPDATE: A commenter revealed that this is Tony Duncan! I also found him at Jen and Tony!

3 responses to “Juggler on the Train Update: This is Tony Duncan

  1. Another reason to Love NYC.

    Only in New York City do you find some walking his Dog *AND* his Cat! The cat, Maya (Hope I spelled that right!) is a Siamese Ocelot mix. Maya would also have boots but her owner can’t keep them on…

  2. His name’s Tony Duncan

  3. Thanks! With that Info I found his Web site!