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Jon Stewart demonstrates GOP Double Standards

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I first saw this on The Huffington Post. It’s amazing that the GOP does not suffer whiplash. Don’t they realize that thier being Video Taped???

What’s really sad: The “Mainstream News Media” doesn’t report this double standard much.  When the subject is Sen. Clinton, all is fair game, but Gov. Palin? Sen. McCain and the GOP attack the News Media whenever the News Media does their job and ask questions. When CNN’s Campbell Brown only asked reasonable questions of Tucker Bounds and demanded answers, The McCain campaign canceled a later CNN appearance and attacked Campbell Brown.

As you can see from the Daily Show clip above,  that’s the GOP Modus Operandi. They get Dick Morris (is it just me or does he sound like Harvey Fierstein?!? (No Offense Mr. Fierstein)) and Sean Hannity along with most of  GOP TV FOX News to parrot their talking points.

Loved the “Papa Bear” reference…

As usual Jon Stewart does an Excellent job of demonstrating how two faced the GOP operatives can be. The Entire episode was great and I recommend you see it. When former Rep. Newt Gingrich was on, I thought Jon Stewart was as polite and professional as he always is, but he nailed the hypocrisy of Gov. Palin’s press release very succinctly.  You should watch it.

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“Clintons4McCain” founder is nuts on National TV

Chris Matthews talking to some PUMAs and Cristi Adkins of “Clintons for McCain” (Again, ignoring that they apparently don’t agree with Sen. Clinton’s Politics…) stole the show with her craziness. (I am So NOT linking to those people!).

I don’t know where to begin with this one. Her allegations have been rebuffed so many times, it’s sad.
As Sen. Obama has said:

It’s Like These Guys Take Pride In Being Ignorant

“Clintons for McCain”??? These people are not at all representative of Sen. Clinton supporters. If anything, they act like spoiled children who did not get their way.

Loved the “Court Injunction” nonsense…

IMO: The “PUMA/Clintons for McCain” people have serious issues and I don’t mean Political issues. I think John Oliver’s piece on The Daily Show nailed it.

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It’s all about the timing…

The last few days, I’ve been working at home while my heating system is being converted from an old Oil Burner (from 1952!) to a Natural Gas solution.

Since I’m stuck at home and I’ve also been having spotty performance on our Cable TV for at least 2 weeks, I scheduled an appointment with Time Warner Cable of NYC. They were supposed to come around between 12:00pm and 4:00pm and if they need to call me, call my home or my work number.

After they missed the appointment, I called TWC and asked what was going on. Basically, the Cable Repair technician called and apparently No one picked up at my home number, my work number or My cell.

All of these phone work fine, with voice mail on all of them and yet I didn’t get a call on a single one. No voice mail either. How Odd…

When I call a company for a problem, I try to be polite and professional. Getting mad does not help and the guy on the other end of the phone did NOT miss that appointment. He rescheduled for today (Hope they don’t miss that one too!) between the hours of 12:00pm and 4:00pmand with any luck, my cable will be fine.

Which leads me to the “Timing” part. My Door bell rings and it’s NOT TWC, but rather Verizon. They want to go to the backyard and wire FIOS to the telephone cable. Apparently, my neighborhood is the next one to get Fiber Optic FIOS.

In other words: If Time Warner Cable screws this up, I now have more options.

UPDATE 1: It’s 4:20pm do you know where your Time Warner Technician is?
Called Time Warner, they said the appointment is still open and to wait another half hour.

UPDATE 2: Now 5:10pm and no call. I called TWC again, got a fast Busy and redialed until I got thru. After listening to classical piano (Chopin?) music for a few minutes, my call was picked up by Yolanda and she offered to call the Technician and see what the delay was. Put on hold for over 5 minute with very good piano music.

UPDATE 3: Yolanda called the dispatcher who will be calling me back. Not thrilled at the occasional video issues, but everyone I’ve spoken to at TWC has been very friendly and professional. I await the dispatcher’s call.

Update 4: 6:30pm, No Call from the TWC dispatcher. Calling the number got a busy signal, but after 6 redials I got in and heard the nice piano music again. End Result: Dispatcher will call back.

Update 5: 7:00pm (sigh) Dispatcher called back: Today is canceled. TWC gets to try again on Wednesday.

Verizon is looking GREAT and I have NO idea what they offer.

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News Media fails to spot political stunt for what it is…

Earlier this week, the house GOP staged a stunt demanding a “Vote”. Problem is: There was a call for the vote and the GOP obstructed the vote.

Did the Press report this little fact? Not so much. Listening to the News Friday, you’d have thought that the GOP was trying to get work done instead being the obstructionists that they are. Remember, this is the same “Liberal Media” that the GOP rails against when they actually do there job and report the facts. (NOTE: I’d bet that this stunt got more Airtime than the Telecom Immunity and other real issues…)

The fact is, the GOP wants to give the Oil companies more land to drill in, despite the fact that the Oil companies are not utilizing all the land they “lease” from the US now.

It’s a false “issue” that the GOP is hoping the American public falls for. They hope it will get them elected and “Help” the Oil companies too.

Did I mention Exxon Mobil set yet another world record in Quarterly profits? $11.68 billion for the second quarter of 2008. That’s $11,680,000,000 PROFIT for 3 months which I believe comes down to $90,123 a minute in PROFIT. Mind you this is AFTER Exxon Mobil “adjusted” the books. (I nearly choked on my coffee  when I saw a “commercial” claiming the Oil industry makes less of a profit than other industries…)

We have real issues and giving the Oil companies yet another hand out is NOT the solution. Whenever the GOP claims they are being “Bi-partisan” they mean they are attempting to dictate to the Democrats and NOT compromise. When they claim the Democrats did not offer a “Real Bill” they mean the Democrats did NOT roll over (YET!!!! They WILL Roll Over, bet on it!!!) and just do what they want.

Does the Democratic Party hold a press conference to point out the fact? Maybe, but would the press actually cover it? I have my doubts.

A Political Stunt makes for much better “News”, right?

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Old but great commercial

I took a day off to catch up with somethings at home and saw this again on the TV. Every time I see it, I just laugh.

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President Putin of GERMANY?!?

I have to say, Sen. John McCain is beginning to scare me. BTW, Vladamir Putin is NOT the president of Germany.

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Stupid Juvenile Pranks

Once again, I’m just amazed at the sheer stupidness demonstrated by some kids. I just saw a story on the Today show where 2 Idiots threw a drink at a worker in a drive thru window and posted it on Youtube. Apparently, it’s part of a “Internet Prank” and lots of kids are currently doing this. I’m not linking to the story or the video as these two Idiots get enough attention.

When did victimizing people become Funny?

You have idiot kids driving cars that Mommy and Daddy bought them victimizing fast food workers. I’d hazard a guess that these idiots never worked a hard job in their life. Fortunately, the victim found their video on the Internet and had them arrested. The punishment? Community Service and they had to make an apology video on Youtube. I’d bet the ONLY lesson they learned was Not to get caught.

Best part of the story: These Idiots lawyer just blamed Youtube as the problem stating that it’s Youtube’s responsibility to keep video’s like that off the web.

What about their parents? If I ever did anything like that, the police would have come for my parents for killing me…

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Keith Olbermann Special Comment

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In the past, I’ve written how Sen. Clinton was really close to losing my vote and I’m repulsed that she used Osama Bin Laden (9 seconds in) in her GOP political advertisement. Now, Sen. Clinton latest “gaffe” is to invoke the memory of Sen. Kennedy’s assassination in some sort of rationalization for her to stay in the race.

Mind you, I don’t care if she’s In or Out of the race, but after Keith Olbermann’s Special Comment on the matter, I think it’s safe to say she’s done.

I’m glad she stopped that “Gas Holiday” nonsense. Ignoring the legal hurdles of getting the Oil companies to eat it or the deficit it would contribute to if the Gov’t just stopped collecting it for a time, it won’t solve anything in the long term.

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Battlestar Galactica – The Ties That Bind

Episode 3 was interesting. I’ve always enjoyed the writing on the series (series that concentrate on effects and NOT the story don’t last) and the Final season is not disappointing. In this episode, not much happens with most of the crew, but lots of things happening in the background with the Cylons (all of them), Starbuck and the government. See spoilers after the break.

Also, you can see full episodes online at here.

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