Battlestar Galactica – The Ties That Bind

Episode 3 was interesting. I’ve always enjoyed the writing on the series (series that concentrate on effects and NOT the story don’t last) and the Final season is not disappointing. In this episode, not much happens with most of the crew, but lots of things happening in the background with the Cylons (all of them), Starbuck and the government. See spoilers after the break.

Also, you can see full episodes online at here.

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(Start spoiler – highlight at your own risk)
After the 2’s, 6’s and 8’s (wiki) began allowing Centurions to think for themselves, the other models seemed to go along and apparently agree to bring back 3’s (D’Anna Biers). It’s just a ruse and basically the Cylons start to have a civil war where one opposing faction are now permanently killing the other without a resurrection ship. No idea how that battle turns out, but the consequences are sure to be interesting to say the least. I suppose one point of it is to demonstrate that the Cylons can be just as big a screw up as humanity. Also, the original Sharon Valerii is acting against her fellow 8’s and apparently has a relationship with a 1, the original Cavil.

Sadly, Cally (Wiki) is killed by Torry after discovering her husband, CPO Galen Tyrol (Wiki), is a Cylon. While not unexpected, that really sucked. I liked Cally’s character and thought that having her suddenly (this episode only) develop issues was a little bit of a cop out. While it may have dragged it on, I think some of Cally’s deterioration should have been shot in the last episode. I’m dying to know what Tyrol does once he finds out exactly what Torry did. BTW, The weapons locker where the Final Five met was labeled 1701D (See here). An easter egg to Star Trek fans??? I bet it is.

On the good sewage ship Demetrius, Starbuck is becoming more and more of a screw up. After leaving the fleet, it’s obvious that despite her confidence expressed last episode, she has no idea where Earth is. If she’s a “sign from above”, she’s in trouble. I’m betting that her assigned crew mutinies and rejoins the fleet in the next episode or the one after it.

Richard Hatch is back as the Vice president and brings an important issue to Lee Adama’s attention. Turns out, President Roslyn introduced an “Executive Order” linking the courts to her office. After trying to discuss it, Lee Adama forces the issue. She is less than amused and while I doubt she’ll become a tyrant or anything, it is a bad idea. (A commentary on the current US Administration?)

(End spoiler)

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