News Media fails to spot political stunt for what it is…

Earlier this week, the house GOP staged a stunt demanding a “Vote”. Problem is: There was a call for the vote and the GOP obstructed the vote.

Did the Press report this little fact? Not so much. Listening to the News Friday, you’d have thought that the GOP was trying to get work done instead being the obstructionists that they are. Remember, this is the same “Liberal Media” that the GOP rails against when they actually do there job and report the facts. (NOTE: I’d bet that this stunt got more Airtime than the Telecom Immunity and other real issues…)

The fact is, the GOP wants to give the Oil companies more land to drill in, despite the fact that the Oil companies are not utilizing all the land they “lease” from the US now.

It’s a false “issue” that the GOP is hoping the American public falls for. They hope it will get them elected and “Help” the Oil companies too.

Did I mention Exxon Mobil set yet another world record in Quarterly profits? $11.68 billion for the second quarter of 2008. That’s $11,680,000,000 PROFIT for 3 months which I believe comes down to $90,123 a minute in PROFIT. Mind you this is AFTER Exxon Mobil “adjusted” the books. (I nearly choked on my coffee  when I saw a “commercial” claiming the Oil industry makes less of a profit than other industries…)

We have real issues and giving the Oil companies yet another hand out is NOT the solution. Whenever the GOP claims they are being “Bi-partisan” they mean they are attempting to dictate to the Democrats and NOT compromise. When they claim the Democrats did not offer a “Real Bill” they mean the Democrats did NOT roll over (YET!!!! They WILL Roll Over, bet on it!!!) and just do what they want.

Does the Democratic Party hold a press conference to point out the fact? Maybe, but would the press actually cover it? I have my doubts.

A Political Stunt makes for much better “News”, right?

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