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“Clintons4McCain” founder is nuts on National TV

Chris Matthews talking to some PUMAs and Cristi Adkins of “Clintons for McCain” (Again, ignoring that they apparently don’t agree with Sen. Clinton’s Politics…) stole the show with her craziness. (I am So NOT linking to those people!).

I don’t know where to begin with this one. Her allegations have been rebuffed so many times, it’s sad.
As Sen. Obama has said:

It’s Like These Guys Take Pride In Being Ignorant

“Clintons for McCain”??? These people are not at all representative of Sen. Clinton supporters. If anything, they act like spoiled children who did not get their way.

Loved the “Court Injunction” nonsense…

IMO: The “PUMA/Clintons for McCain” people have serious issues and I don’t mean Political issues. I think John Oliver’s piece on The Daily Show nailed it.

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