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Is he still funny???

I think not.

VIDEO: Charlie Sheen’s Violent Message Appears To Include Talk Of Cutting Children’s Throats

I have no idea if he’s ‘joking’ but in any case, its just not funny. To put it mildly, IMO, he really needs help.  His behavior has been so publicly erratic, that the lawyers for his Ex Wives don’t have to do anything other than record his rants.

I saw an episode of “Two and a Half Men” on CBS last night, Episode “Twanging Your Magic Clanger” (Really, that’s the title). Always great to see Liz Vassey but Why were they paying him so much?

Regarding his firing: After all his antics (Arrested for domestic violence, “parties“, hospitalizations, etc.), I think CBS and Warner Brothers gave him plenty of chances. His lawyers will scream but as  CBS and WB have deeper pockets and more lawyers, I’m guessing they will win or settle.

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Star Trek 11 Trailer leaked

Looks interesting but I have to wonder if the ship shown at the 53 second mark is the New Enterprise. It has no markings that I can see, but has the general shape. The bridge scenes remind me of “2001: A Space Odyssey”.

I hope it’s not as it would seem that they “Retconed” the story a bit to begin with.  James Kirk is now a juvenile delinquent destined to be the Captain of the Enterprise? Seems unlikely.

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Old but great commercial

I took a day off to catch up with somethings at home and saw this again on the TV. Every time I see it, I just laugh.

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Amusing Sony Advertisement

[pageview src=”//www.dailymotion.com/swf/x52y3b” frameborder=”0″ height=”339″ scrolling=”no” width=”100%”]
Saw this on Techeblog.com.

From Techeblog:

The world’s largest foam machine was custom-built for the shoot, and pumped out over 500,000 gallons of foam per minute. The commercial is for Sony’s cameras, and locals got Alpha DSLRs, Cyber-shots, and Handycams to shoot the experience

Looks like fun but I’m wondering how they cleaned up afterwards? I bet this is the same people who did the Bouncing Balls advertisement in San Francisco.

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“No videos on flickr!”?

No videos on flickr!

Originally uploaded by AlbySpace

Seems to be a big issue to many people, but I’m not convinced that it is something to ditch flickr over. Other than expanding the potential user base, I’m not sure this is really a good idea for flickr as it is a Photography site, not a video site. At this time, the videos are limited to 90 seconds. While this may help stop copyright issues, I’m not looking forward to people adding videos to the groups I use.

I use flickr as a great site for Photography where I’ve met some great people and gotten lots of tips. Why would yahoo want to risk alienating an established user base?

Does flickr really want to become “YouTube”?? I hope not.

Nice image made by AlbySpace.

Update: Naturally, there is a flickr group or two. IMO, this is getting a little ridiculous, especially some of the threads being discussed.

Update: UGH. Someone made a domain called www.no-video-on-flickr.com
(sigh) This has officially become absurd.

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Improv Everywhere: Best Game Ever

Improv Everywhere gave a Little league team the “Best. Game. Ever.

They turned a little league baseball game in Hermosa Beach, California into a major league event complete with NBC Sports, Jumbotron, Player interviews, *and* the Good Year Blimp!

The video here:

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The Daily Show as a news source

[pageview src=”//www.thedailyshow.com/sitewide/video_player/view/default/player.swf?videoId=163572″ frameborder=”0″ height=”316″ scrolling=”no” width=”332″]
Once again Jon Stewart demonstrates that Public officials really should beware of the video tape. In this segment, “Crude Awakening”, we see Jon Stewart bring back GW Bush’s own words.Me, I’m once again very busy at work. A few projects are coming to a close and naturally, keeping me very busy. Considering that the economy lost 63,000 jobs last month, I suppose I’m lucky, but after working all night for a couple of issues I find I have to remind myself of that. I’ve been too busy to take any photos during lunch. By the end of the month, my project will wind on down.

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OK go – Here it goes again

The band, OK go , has a music video played on Treadmills. It’s really well done and this got them a spot on the MTV Video Music Awards. The coreography alone makes it really interesting. I wonder how many takes it took? Either way, the video is really good.

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