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After barely 7 months my Headphones broke

Sony MDR-NC7Barely 7 months after getting my Sony headphones and they snap when I put then on yesterday. Sony has an exchange program for $25 and shipping, but I can get a new one for $33 and shipping from Amazon.

Probably the Sony Store at Tanger outlet has them for a similar price and I was thinking of getting a Sony photo printer (old one won’t work with Vista 64)…

Decisions, decisions…

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Amusing Sony Advertisement

[pageview src=”//www.dailymotion.com/swf/x52y3b” frameborder=”0″ height=”339″ scrolling=”no” width=”100%”]
Saw this on Techeblog.com.

From Techeblog:

The world’s largest foam machine was custom-built for the shoot, and pumped out over 500,000 gallons of foam per minute. The commercial is for Sony’s cameras, and locals got Alpha DSLRs, Cyber-shots, and Handycams to shoot the experience

Looks like fun but I’m wondering how they cleaned up afterwards? I bet this is the same people who did the Bouncing Balls advertisement in San Francisco.

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Cool Sony Advertisement

Just saw this on Gothamist. It was done over a year ago, but still very cool. See the Behind the scenes movie after the break.

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