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Stupid Juvenile Pranks

Once again, I’m just amazed at the sheer stupidness demonstrated by some kids. I just saw a story on the Today show where 2 Idiots threw a drink at a worker in a drive thru window and posted it on Youtube. Apparently, it’s part of a “Internet Prank” and lots of kids are currently doing this. I’m not linking to the story or the video as these two Idiots get enough attention.

When did victimizing people become Funny?

You have idiot kids driving cars that Mommy and Daddy bought them victimizing fast food workers. I’d hazard a guess that these idiots never worked a hard job in their life. Fortunately, the victim found their video on the Internet and had them arrested. The punishment? Community Service and they had to make an apology video on Youtube. I’d bet the ONLY lesson they learned was Not to get caught.

Best part of the story: These Idiots lawyer just blamed Youtube as the problem stating that it’s Youtube’s responsibility to keep video’s like that off the web.

What about their parents? If I ever did anything like that, the police would have come for my parents for killing me…

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