MTA Strike – Day 3

The Daily News has it right: At this point, "War of the Words" is exactly what  this is. This is getting seriously ridiculous.

Politicians like Mayor Bloomberg  keeps posturing for even stricter fines and penalties, the Judge in this case is threatening jail time *AND* even Gov. Pataki crawled out and did his "No Talks Till the Strike Ends" bit.

Apparently, the MTA didn’t get the memo as they’ve been negotiating since 1:00am this morning. In the mean time, people and business continue to suffer. As I said before, I think they have the right to strike, but TWU Local 100 made a mistake doing it now. the Anti-Union pundits are having a blast with this strike.

In other news, Jeanine Pirro abandoned her campaign for Senator. Not terribly fond of either her or Hillary Clinton, but you have to feel a little sorry for her. Her campaign started with a whimper and finally ended when her own party screamed for her to drop out.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign adviser Howard Wolfson summed it up best:

"We know at some point the Republicans will sort out this process and choose a nominee."


Not sure why they think she’ll do any better for State Attorney General. People will remember her for giving up more than anything else. She has a good record as a Prosecutor, but all the screw ups in her campaign is, IMO, too much to overcome. I think she should skip out of this next election.

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