Daily Archives: December 3, 2005

MTIFrames – Test 1

Should be Weather in NYC on the left.
This was done via the following:
<MTIFrames src=”//www.epyon-1.com/blog/stuff/weather.html” width=”135″ height=”90″ align=”left” frameborder=”yes”></MTIFrames>

MTYahooMaps Initial Release

After much trial and Error, I'm just about ready to release the MTYahooMaps Movable Type Plugin.

It works in a similar way that MTGoogleMap by Nick Punter does (in fact this was originally based on MTGoogleMaps). A container tag called "MTYahooMaps" is created that accepts the following Parameters:

  • address = Postal Address i.e. "499 Park Avenue, NY, NY, 10022", Required
  • lat = Latitude i.e. "40.762979"
  • log = Longitude i.e. "-73.969966"
  • info = Informational Text (No HTML)  i.e. "Corner of 69th and Park Ave."
  • zoom = Numeric Zoom Level i.e. "3" (Defaults to "2")
  • width = Width of Map in your Post. Numeric and in Pixels i.e. "540"
  • height = Height of Map in your Post. Numeric and in Pixels i.e. "300"
  • align = Alignment of your map in your Post. i.e. "left","center", "right" (Defaults to Center)
  • maptype = AJAX or Flash. (Defaults to AJAX)
  • mapsathyb = map, sat, or hyb (Defaults to map)


address="11 Madison avenue,NY, NY, 10010"
info="A Nice Place"
maptype="ajax" mapsathyb="hyb"></MTYahooMaps>

String this out with no Carriage returns. My Advice, try resolving addresses at http://maps.yahoo.com/ and get the ZIPCODE. 

If you use  lat and log, address will not be used to resolve the coordinates, but is still required.

Update: Now Handles multiple Markers 

Update: Now uses Yahoo Geocoder, uses MAP, SATELITE, or HYBRID and the FLASH version works better too. It will also convert "|" to "<BR>" when put in the info and address parameters.

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