MTA Strike – Day 2

Another Day in the City. I’m still working from home but my wife got in ok via the LIRR. We live so far out in Queens that we merely drove for under 10 minutes to an LIRR station in Nassau. Other than paying over $16 for round trip, she was in Penn station 20 minutes later.

People are, to put it mildly, freaking out. While I don’t think the State should stop people from striking, I think the TWU local 100 made a mistake to do this in the few days before Christmas. John Q. Public really does NOT care if the MTA is screwing employees as long as John Q. is taken care of.

IMO, People are only sympathetic when it doesn’t involve them. Once it a dispute crosses into their back yard, Bang! No sympathy.

Some Food for thought: In December 2004, the NY Times reported that Facing Deficit, M.T.A. Gave a 22% Raise to Its Director. MTA executives get a "Housing Allowance"? Huh?
If these Yahoo’s tried that in the Private sector, they’d be out in th Street.

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