Daily Archives: November 29, 2005

MTYahooMaps Status

Ok, I got MTYahooMaps plugin to work for Individual Entries and Category pages, but the Daily, Weekly and Monthly archives get all screwed up. I’ve tracked down the problem to the fact that when a Plugin gets called an Archive Context, there is no Entry to reference.

That is, when pulling an Entry from the context stash, No entry is returned, but you can get the Entries (multiple) out of the context stash. By going thru each Entry Text, I can determine which Entries being need MTYahooMap written for them but not Which one is currently being called.

To make things even more entertaining, I don’t want to assume that the page will be written with the Latest Entry at the Top, oldest at the Bottom.

Once I have an Array of Entries, I need to order the array by Creation Date. The question then is: Ascending or Descending? This is done via the Blog "sort_order_posts" setting which is accesable via the PERL API.