Daily Archives: November 20, 2005

MTGoogleYahooMaps or Just MTWebMaps – Test 2

Hopefully, This will be a Map of 499 Park Avenue in both Firefox and Internet Explorer…

Update: Need to fix a “feature”. If you have two MAPS on a page they get the same DIV id. Might use Perl time() function to generate unique ID’s for the Map and Marker ID’s. Ugly, but it would work.

MTGoogleYahooMaps or Just MTWebMaps

Ok, After some pain, I’ve discovered the following:

  1. Google MAP and Yahoo Maps BETA *CAN’T* exist in the same HTML (There’s a Shock…)
  2. When embedded in DIV boundaries The Google Map Works with EVERY Browser I can think of EXCEPT Internet Explorer.
  3. The Yahoo Maps BETA, does not work properly when used in the Individual Entry Page. Kid you not, the Exact SAME code won’t produce the same results in the Individual Entry Page (It’s Beta, so it’s not expected to work full time. I’m sure Yahoo will fix it)

To get around Problem 1 and 2, I’ve modified the map.tmpl to have PHP code check the browser based on the $_SERVER[‘HTTP_USER_AGENT’] Server Variable. If it picks up the " MSIE " string, it use Yahoo Maps Beta, else Google Maps. It’s Sloppy,  a Quick and dirty fix but it works.

For me, I prefer Google Maps as the Satellite imagery or Hybrid is a nice choice but I really don’t care either way.  Probably, I’ll modify the PERL code preferences to let the person who manages the MT Blog to decide to use Google Map, Yahoo Map or specify by MTGoogleMap Parameter. Also, you need a Yahoo App ID which should go in the Preferences Section.

UPDATE: After yet even more research, I found that Yahoo Maps BETA has an AJAX version. Other then the Minus on the Zoom bar not working, it’s pretty good. Next step, make it all production ready (i.e. Take out all the Debug stuff), document and Fini.