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A Really nice Welcome home

After being away for a week in Virginia, my wife made a really great dinner. I’ve said it before: The best day in my life was the day we got married and it just keeps getting better!

EDIT: No, dinner was not just Salad, The Salad was just the Apetizer… 😉

MG Aile Strike Gundam – Assembled

Now that it’s assembled, I need to paint it. I’m thinking of using Tamiya paint. It’s good paint and I could use water to thin it. Once that’s done, I’ll ink the panel lines at that point. The model was fun to put together, is really posable and comes with a stand.

Nice, but my shelf is getting crowded.


DSC_2500.jpgNow I need yet another set of bookshelves. We’ll be getting a Ikea Billy book case with Glass doors. This will keep my Cat from committing suicide by jumping on the shelf and destroying one of my models…

Keep Back!


MG Aile Strike Gundam – Arms and Lower Torso

DSC_2464.jpgNot much of an update but Here is an arm. The white armor on the forearm is removable to allow viewing of the details underneath.

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No Rain!

After about 7 day of rain, we finally have a glorious sunny Day. And on a Saturday no less!

Here is Harry enjoying an open window.

MG Aile Strike Gundam – Slight update

DSC_2436.jpgJust a little more photo’s of my progress. I was able to finish the Torso, head and start on the arms prior to going to work.

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MG Aile Strike Gundam

Building Yet Another Master Grade by Bandai. I’ve been so busy this last year and a half that I haven’t had the chance to build one of these. Since I’ve gotten back into photography, I figured “Why not document building it?”

Image cropped from Hobby Search.

Update: I had a link going straight to the Item on the Hobbysearch Web site, but the really long link kept choking Movable Type. Weird. 10/25/2005 – Seems to work now.

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We have such a smart Gov’t…

top.baytown.refinery.ap.jpgFrom “Heating bills, oil expected to rise”
My favorite line is “Government sees a jump in heating costs this winter due to hurricanes and colder temperatures.”

You Think?!?!

Oil and Gas prices are out of Control, Oil companies are raking in Billions per quarter in profits and the Government deduces that there will be a “a jump in heating costs this winter”?

Due to Katrina?? Are they Kidding? It’s due to that and PRICE Gouging by Big oil.
Gov’t Response:

The list goes on.


Planned obsolescence

broken-ipod-remote.jpgI think Ipod Wired remotes are designed to eventually break. I’m now on my thrid one in one year and after shelling out the money for it, I’m wondering if it’s worth it??

new-broken-ipod-remote.jpgHere’s the New one next to the Old. Think I’ll take apart the connector on the Old one and see if I can re connect it…

American Museum of Natural History

DSC_2343.jpgDay’s like this, I wish I had a Really Wide angle lens…

Photo Weblog

hinagata.pngI’ve set up a dedicated Photo Weblog. I found a set of Template at that make this fairly easy. The Author was kind enough to make the instruction Page in English.

See Here for my dedicated photo page.