MG Aile Strike Gundam

Building Yet Another Master Grade by Bandai. I’ve been so busy this last year and a half that I haven’t had the chance to build one of these. Since I’ve gotten back into photography, I figured “Why not document building it?”

Image cropped from Hobby Search.

Update: I had a link going straight to the Item on the Hobbysearch Web site, but the really long link kept choking Movable Type. Weird. 10/25/2005 – Seems to work now.

DSC_2423.jpgHere is the Box next to my work tray. The work tray is convenient since I can leave parts on it and move the entire thing on top of my bookshelf where my cat can’t reach it. Usually, I put the part I’m working on in a plastic sandwich bag to keep me from misplacing it.

DSC_2425.jpgHere is a close up of the Kit box. All the part trees are in separate sealed bags. Keeps any loose parts from being lost when checking the parts.

DSC_2428.jpgHere are the tools of the trade, a Tamiya Craft Tool Set. The green handled wire cutter are actually side cutters that snip pieces off with minimal stress to the plastic. In the same box is Tweezers, a file, screw drivers and a hobby knife. You can buy this at Image Anime.

DSC_2429.jpgHere is the half completed torso.

More to come.

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