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Another Image from Lake Minnewaska

One of the Nice things about a Nikon D70s is that it starts up in 2 tenths of a second and can fire 3 shots per second. I got 4 shots in before I got this one.

When the flash went off, she ran for it.

Images from Lake Minnewaska

We had a nice Hike (Ok, a 9 1/2 mile walk…) Saturday at Lake Minnewaska in NewPpaltz. It was a great day for a really long walk with me and 30 or so friends.

One nice thing about a Digital Camera is: Keep taking pictures. Of the 260 or so shots I took, 25 are No good but unlike Film, there aren’t any wasted photos.

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What is Harry thinking?

Probably he’s thinking “Why won’t he go away?”

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Movable Type 3.2

movable_type_logo-01.gifPrior to Movable Type 3.2 I was deluged with Comment and trackback spam. Now, 3.2 is working so well, I didn’t know how well until I looked at the junk Comments and Junk Trackbacks!

Anyone using a previous version should upgrade for this Very reason!


Just goofing around with my Camera and took a photo of the chandelier in our dinning room.

No Pictures!

When we were hiking at Lake Minnewaska, a friend of mine tried to block her photo with her hat. I liked how it looked!

Really BIG Bunny Rabbit…

Saw this on YesButNoButYes:
It’s certainly Different.

Apparently it’s real!
Better Photos.
Press release.

More Trains

Sugar Cane Train in Lahaina Maui.

And here is the train that took us there:

Harry enjoying the first day of Autumn

Harry chilling on our couch.

Old Train from Puerto Rico

Going thru old Pictures on my PC, I found this one. In August of 2001, I was in Puerto Rico and came across this in the R