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topictech2.gifOk, After Much Trial and Error, I got Scode Working properly.

Two Problems I had that had NOTHING to do with Scode:

  1. Had issues setting up GD and the Perl Module.
  2. Had an issue figuring out the proper place to Insert the Scode Tag!

Once these were “Defeated” it works like a charm. Scode is a Nice and quick way to help limit Comment Spam. Configuring it was a lot easier with MT 3.2 than prior versions.

Next Work: I need better Trackback Spam help…

Image from

Another reason to Love NYC.

cat-walk-00.jpgOnly in New York City do you find some walking his Dog *AND* his Cat! The cat, Maya (Hope I spelled that right!) is a Siamese Ocelot mix. Maya would also have boots but her owner can’t keep them on her.

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New Film Scanner

negative-01.jpgRecently I’ve had need to scan photos into web pages.

To this end, we got an Epson Perfection 4180 scanner. It has a film template that allows me to easily scan negatives in. The one above is from 1991. So far so good…

You just can’t make this up…

A photographer at the UN had an angle to catch The President of the United States jotting a note down. “What deep thought could this be?” one asks?
Hey, Lets get a close Up:
“I think I may need a Bathroom break? Is this possible”

Gelf Magazine has an interview with the photographer. More here.

There is a thing called “Too much Information”! An example would be This. From a President who is VERY secretive, he has moments that I DON’T want to know.

Did I Really want to know that the man who could launch a Nuclear missile was nearly taken out by a Pretzel?!?!?

More conversation here.

Photo from Reuters.

Calandar work around…

Six Apart has a pretty good Knowledge base. Searching it for “lastn” came up with this.

Turns out it’s a Known bug and the work around is to multiply the requested “lastn” by 3. I’ll have to change my templates back when it’s fixed, but that’s ok.

MT 3.2

Just Installed it. Other than my Calendar being screwed up, it seems to work ok.

US can detain “enemy combatant” indefinitely

jose-padilla.jpgWe truly live in scary times.
From the Financial Times:

The US Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled unanimously that José Padilla, a suspected al-Qaeda operative who US officials say was planning to carry out a terrorist attack inside the US, could be detained as an “enemy combatant” without any review by US civilian courts.

Don’t get me wrong, For all I know, José Padilla may be the Son Of Satan, but I deeply beleive that Everyone should get their day in court.

See Here: Amendment 5 – Trial and Punishment, Compensation for Takings

Pay attention to “No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury” and “nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law;“.

What blows my mind is: These are the same people who used to decry “Big” Gov’t. What ever else José Padilla may be, he’s a US citizen that has been locked up and deprived of Constitutional rights by the Gov’t without so much as a trial.

If he’s guilty, hold a trial, present evidence, convince 12 people he’s guilty and penalized him according to the Law.

We go after some foreign Governments when they do the same thing (Except Saudi Arabia and Pakistan) but we do the same thing? We live in a State where the Government can unilaterally lock up it’s citizens indefinitely?

Like I said, We truly live in scary times.

Photo originally from Reuters

Gas Prices!

exxonmobil.jpgOk, After going on my Honeymoon, I’m catching up with all that went on in the world and I Fill up my car. I just spent $53 dollars filling up my car. 2 weeks ago, It was $40. 4 years ago it was $20!

Then I come across this tidbit:
“Exxon’s $10B fill-up: Cashing in on crunch”

So, ExxonMobil’s profits are likely to soar above $10 billion this quarter Alone. (Don’t get me started on that “Energy” Bill!)

Follow this “Logic”:

  1. I mix a gallon Of Element X at .50 cents.
  2. I Hold onto it and wait till and Emergency comes along and triple the selling price citing new “costs”.
  3. I get prosecuted by the gov’t for Price gouging, Right?

Not if I’m a US Oil Company! According to this administration (Run by OIL executives!), this is just Market pressure…

For a lively discussion see here.

BTW: I’m not a “Liberal”, in fact many of my opinions are fairly consevative. I suppose I’m a moderate if anything as I really get pissed off at Extremes in either direction.

Back from Hawaii

And it was Great! Nice people, beautiful islands, and quite a lot to do. We took this in Maui, south of Lahaina.

As it is, We took over 2,400 pictures! I’ll post some after I go thru some of them. After 15 hours in the air and getting connecting flights, We’re a bit tired…

Rainbow in Lahaina

Never photographed a Rainbow before. The people we met in Lahaina were really nice and friendly. I took lots of photos like this one…