Gas Prices!

exxonmobil.jpgOk, After going on my Honeymoon, I’m catching up with all that went on in the world and I Fill up my car. I just spent $53 dollars filling up my car. 2 weeks ago, It was $40. 4 years ago it was $20!

Then I come across this tidbit:
“Exxon’s $10B fill-up: Cashing in on crunch”

So, ExxonMobil’s profits are likely to soar above $10 billion this quarter Alone. (Don’t get me started on that “Energy” Bill!)

Follow this “Logic”:

  1. I mix a gallon Of Element X at .50 cents.
  2. I Hold onto it and wait till and Emergency comes along and triple the selling price citing new “costs”.
  3. I get prosecuted by the gov’t for Price gouging, Right?

Not if I’m a US Oil Company! According to this administration (Run by OIL executives!), this is just Market pressure…

For a lively discussion see here.

BTW: I’m not a “Liberal”, in fact many of my opinions are fairly consevative. I suppose I’m a moderate if anything as I really get pissed off at Extremes in either direction.

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