Planned obsolescence

broken-ipod-remote.jpgI think Ipod Wired remotes are designed to eventually break. I’m now on my thrid one in one year and after shelling out the money for it, I’m wondering if it’s worth it??

new-broken-ipod-remote.jpgHere’s the New one next to the Old. Think I’ll take apart the connector on the Old one and see if I can re connect it…

7 responses to “Planned obsolescence

  1. its called planed obsolescence. companies use materials that will last only a set number of years even if the mechanisms simple. “should last some time over the warranty” becuase they dont want you to go elsewhere but not to long hahaha dirty bastards

  2. Yep, makes for a “Good Product”, but it is annoying.

    When the current one goes south, I’ll solder an Old one and see it it works…

  3. Looks like one from Dealextreme, made of cheap chinese junk. I own two of them for my touch.

  4. Nope, It’s the original. I wish I saw the Dealextreme one!

  5. My 20GB monochrome iPod came with a remote like this. The iPod has since died, leaving the remote as a survivor. I’m thinking of using the cable to connect my iBook to my TV…

  6. By the way, how DO you take one apart?

  7. Well, Now that I have a new IPOD (old one really died) and remote, I haven’t taken the old remote apart.

    I’ll take it apart and take photos sometime.